The Role of Intention in Islamic Dream Interpretation

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In Islam, dreams are a means of communication between Allah and his creatures. They can provide guidance and insight into the dreamer’s life, as well as offer warnings or advice.

According to Islamic tradition, a truthful dream should only be revealed to those that are close to the dreamer and who have ilm and taqwa. This article will discuss some common symbols that appear in Islamic dreams interpretations.

Appearance of the Prophet (PBUH)

According to the scholars, seeing the Messenger of Allah in a dream is very special and should be reported immediately. However, this should not be a reason to ignore the teachings of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). The dream is only a source of evidence for the person who saw the Messenger in it, similar to the other injunctions established in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

It is recommended to ask an alim (scholar) to interpret the dream. The alim should be a pious Muslim with a high level of ilm and taqwa, and should also be able to differentiate between the truthful and false dreams. He will also be able to clarify the meaning of the vision and its implications on one’s life. In addition, the alim will advise the dreamer on how to act upon the message of the Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace).

Appearance of Water

Dreams are important in Islamic tradition, as they provide a way for Allah to communicate with individuals and give them guidance and insight into their lives. While there are many different meanings for dreams, the appearance of certain objects or actions can hold particular significance. This article will explore some of the most common symbols that appear in Islamic dreams, as well as how these symbols can be interpreted.

The appearance of water in a dream can have both positive and negative implications. For example, if you see yourself carrying water in a dream, this symbolizes wealth and prosperity. However, if you dream that you are swimming in the ocean or river, this is a sign of bad luck and may cause ill health.

In addition, if you dream of seeing dirty water, this is a sign that something is wrong with your diet or you are committing a sin that is preventing your prayers from being answered. In this case, it is advisable to repent and avoid the sin.

Appearance of Animals

In the Islamic tradition, sleep is an opportunity for spiritual guidance and a way to discover things about the future. It is a time when the soul can communicate with the angels and receive divine inspiration. It is also a time when the soul can overcome obstacles and test its strength.

The appearance of animals in a dream often symbolizes your wild or natural instincts. For example, a dream in which you see yourself slaughtering animals could represent your propensity to act spontaneously toward your urges without social restrictions. Alternatively, dreams in which you see yourself being hunted or attacked by animals might indicate that your actions are being scrutinized.

According to Mulla Sadra, owners of sound hearts (with spiritual health) can control the type of their dreams by proper self-care and self-calculation during sleep. This is a way to avail of honest dreams and avoid the false ones. However, they cannot use these dreams to create new laws or legislation.

Appearance of Other Symbols

Symbols appear in dreams to personify different aspects of your being. An apple symbolizes health, while armor depicts defensiveness and being invaded by soldiers portrays insecurities around restriction or conformity. The phoenix symbolizes resurrection from the ashes of your past and dreaming of an accident can suggest that you are being forced to confront things that seem too overwhelming.

The appearance of a head in a dream portrays your ideas and how you communicate with others. Dreaming of a head that does not belong to you can suggest the disconnection between what you say and what you do. An elephant is a powerful symbol of emotional pain that you may have to deal with.

The Prophet peace be upon him taught that when you have a bad dream seek refuge with God from Satan, dry spit on your left hand thrice, and do not tell anyone about it. This is a good advice because if the bad dream is actually from Satan you could become harmed by it in the real world.

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