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The Benefits of Homeworkify for Students

Homeworkify is an online platform that provides homework assistance and tutoring services for students. With homework help available 24/7 and expertise across all subjects and grade levels, Homeworkify aims to support students in improving their academic performance and reaching their full potential.

How Homeworkify Works

The Homeworkify platform connects students to vetted tutors in subjects ranging from mathematics and sciences to humanities and languages. Students can get step-by-step guidance on challenging homework assignments, ask specific questions about concepts they are struggling with, receive feedback on essays and projects before submission, and more.

Some key features of Homeworkify include:

Instant Homework Help

Students can get assistance within minutes by quickly submitting their questions or scanning and uploading a picture of the homework problem using the Homeworkify app. Expert tutors are available on-demand 24/7 to provide explanations, solve problems step-by-step, and ensure understanding.

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Homeworkify has subject matter experts available to tutor over 100 subjects, from high school to college level. Students are matched with tutors specialized in the relevant subject area, ensuring they receive guidance from someone with deep expertise.

Writing & Editing Services

Students can get support perfecting papers and essays by utilizing Homeworkify’s writing and editing services. Experienced tutors provide detailed feedback and constructive criticism to help students improve arguments, style, flow, grammar, word choice, and more.

Study Help

For long term learning, students can book sessions focused on building foundational skills, preparing for exams, reviewing key concepts and formulas, practicing problem-solving strategies, and truly mastering subject matter versus just completing assignments.

Key Benefits for Students

Utilizing Homeworkify offers students a number of meaningful benefits:

Improves Grades & Academic Performance

With 24/7 homework assistance and tutoring available, students can improve comprehension of concepts, get clarity when they are stuck on problems, overcome subject matter challenges, and perform better in their classes through elevated assignment quality.

Saves Time

Homeworkify eliminates the need to wait for teacher availability during office hours or class time to get questions answered. It also saves the time spent struggling independently or with peers to understand challenging material.

Boosts Confidence

As students utilize Homeworkify and see their grades and aptitude improve over time, their confidence and self-efficacy grows. With greater competence and capabilities, students feel assured tackling tests, assignments, and academic challenges.

Supports Better Study Habits

Homeworkify facilitates improvements in how students approach learning, study, and complete schoolwork. Over time, positive lasting habits form thanks to instructor guidance on critical thinking, time management, organization, focusing, and metacognition.

Reduces Stress

With instant academic support available around the clock, students experience markedly less anxiety, frustration, and stress related to their homework and classes. Challenging assignments transform from sources of dread to manageable tasks.

Subjects Supported

Some of the key subjects supported by Homeworkify’s tutors include:


From basic math and algebra to trigonometry, calculus, and advanced statistics, mathematics tutors are available to support students of all grade levels with solving problems, comprehending theories, and applying concepts.


Students can get science homework assistance across biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, environmental science, and more to reinforce scientific principles and complete projects successfully.

English & Writing

Specialist English tutors help students read, analyze, and comprehend fiction/non-fiction as well as provide writing support so students can craft clear claims, coherent arguments, and compelling essays for language arts classes.

History & Social Sciences

For topics spanning history, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology, students can connect with subject matter experts to enhance understanding of readings, strengthen analytical skills, and get guidance interpreting events and theories.

World Languages

Tutors are available to support students learning Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, and additional languages. Sessions focus on building conversation skills, improving reading/writing fluency, enhancing vocabulary, and understanding grammar.

The Homeworkify Process

Utilizing Homeworkify involves just a few simple steps:

1. Create a Student Account

Start by creating a free student account via the Homeworkify website or mobile app. This allows you to securely store payment information and enables easy access to tutors.

2. Connect with a Tutor

Use the advanced tutor search to filter for specialists based on subject, grade level, rates, reviews, and availability. Submit a session request to connect with a tutor qualified to provide assistance.

3. Communicate Your Needs

Explain to your matched tutor exactly what help you need – whether it’s explanations around a difficult concept, feedback on an essay draft, or support solving a complex math problem. Share any materials to establish context.

4. Learn!

Over phone call, video chat, screen share, or chat box, work directly with your tutor. Ask questions, receive guidance, gain strategies and skills, and clarify subject matter mastery. Your tutor is there to fully support your learning success.

5. Provide Session Feedback

After each session, be sure to complete feedback regarding your experience to help Homeworkify continue improving services. Share what went well, what could be enhanced, and how likely you are to recommend the platform.

Why Choose Homeworkify?

When comparing Homeworkify to other learning services and academic assistance platforms, Homeworkify differentiates itself through:

Specialized Expertise

With advanced filtering, students are matched to tutors with specialized expertise in the exact course subject matter for focused, relevant support. Tutors have years of experience successfully tutoring specific subjects.

On-Demand Availability

The platform makes it easy and fast for students get their questions answered or access a tutor for ad-hoc homework help within minutes, 24 hours a day. No waiting until office hours or the next day.


Tutoring sessions can take place over text chat, phone call, video chat, screenshare classroom, or a mix. This allows sessions to adapt to student learning preferences and capabilities.


Services start at just $15 per hour, with various package options available for purchase to accommodate different frequency needs at reasonable rates.

When students require convenient, specialized academic support that improves performance, confidence, and skills over time, Homeworkify provides an adaptable, quality learning solution. The instant homework help and experienced tutors facilitate learning success.


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