The Risks of Using Facebook as a Minor: What Teens Need to Know

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Parenting has never been an easy thing in any decade. But lately, the responsibility of parents has been increased to many folds because of modern technology and tool. The delicate mind of minors and digital technology is a complex and important combo that requires careful consideration. On the one hand, technology and the internet can provide minors with access to a wealth of information, educational resources, and opportunities for social connection and creativity. On the other hand, minors are also vulnerable to negative aspects of technology, such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online fraud, stalking, and exploitation.

Parents, educators, and policy-makers must work together to ensure that minors’ access to technology is safe and responsible. This can involve setting guidelines for technology use, monitoring minors’ online activities, providing education on digital literacy and safety, and addressing the root causes of online harm and issues. Social media and instant messenger chat apps can be considered the root cause of all the risks attached to the online world. There are many platforms, and easy one has features and privacy settings. Facebook, for example, one of the biggest platforms, has many loopholes that can put your minor in a dangerous situation. The addictive nature of the platform makes it impossible for parents to ensure the safety of their kids.

  • Three-quarters of Facebook users worldwide switch to the app daily.
  • 51% of users visit the platforms many times per day.

Parental control apps are important as they can help parents protect their kids from online threats. All the online activities of minors can be monitored with the help of a monitoring app like OgyMogy. These apps take away all the worries of the parents by keeping them updated about the online activities of their kids.   

Several risks are associated with using Facebook as a minor, some of which are discussed below. However, the discussion also includes how parental control apps can help deal with the issues.

Privacy Concerns:

Facebook collects personal information, including name, age, location, and online activity. This information can be accessed by advertisers, hackers, or other third-party organizations. Kids or minors do not know how lethal specific information like address or location can be for them. Kids should know the dangers of sharing personal or sensitive information on Facebook. Parents can keep an eye on their kid’s Facebook accounts and activities with the help of the Facebook monitoring app.


Facebook can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying and online harassment, which can be especially harmful to minors. It is very easy to make a fake account and target innocent and naïve minors with the fake accounts. So never think the kid you are talking to on Facebook is real. Don’t trust anyone you meet on Facebook or any other platform. On the other hand, parents can ensure that the kid is not bullied by or in bad company or the target of sick mind people. Facebook monitoring app can notify you about all Facebook activities, and you can know about any unfortunate bullying or harassment incident right away.

Sexual Offenders:

As mentioned earlier, making a fake account with a nickname or even a fake name is easy on FaceBook. Thus sexual offenders of online predators can attack minors on these platforms to fulfill their greed. Get the Facebook monitoring app and watch who approaches the minors and with what type of intentions.

Inappropriate Content Exposure:

Facebook has all kinds of content in every possible medium form. With the addition of Facebook live, the level of sharing personal space and content has reached another level. Minors using Facebook have a solid chance of being exposed to inappropriate content. Even if they do not like or comment on such content, open public posts, shared or liked by friends or friends of friends, can be harmful in a hundred ways. Facebook monitoring app can help you ensure online space’s safe usage in several ways.  

Remember, the internet is a public space, and being vigilant and responsible when using social media is essential. Overall, minors should be mindful of the risks associated with using Facebook and take steps to protect their privacy and well-being while using the platform. Using parental control apps like the OgyMogy can help parents control the risks of using Facebook or any other social media platform.

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