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A Complete Guide to Using unblockit

Unblockit is a popular free web proxy service that allows users to bypass internet filters and access blocked websites. With unblockit, you can easily unblock sites that may have been blocked by your school, workplace, or country.

What is unblockit and How Does it Work?

Unblockit is a free web proxy hosted in Germany that relies on HTTPS and SSL encryption to allow users private and secure access to blocked websites. It works by directing your internet traffic through its servers, masking your IP address and location.

When you visit a blocked site using unblockit, instead of connecting directly to that site, you first connect to an unblockit server. This server then acts as an intermediary – retrieving the website content for you while hiding your identity and evading the filters.

The site doesn’t store logs, browse histories or personal data, making it impossible for anyone to see what sites you visit using the proxy. It also constantly rotates servers and IP addresses to avoid detection by firewalls.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Unblockit

Here are some of the major benefits of using unblockit as your go-to web proxy:

1. Bypass Internet Censorship and Filters

Unblockit lets you easily circumvent strict internet censorship and access sites blocked by authoritarian regimes, strict workplace IT policies, or overbearing school firewalls.

2. Enjoy Faster Internet Speeds

With servers based in Europe, unblockit offers faster connection speeds compared to some other free proxies hosted further away. Fast loading times for streaming, downloads, unblock gaming and more.

3. Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity Online

Unblockit doesn’t store any personal information or browsing history. It also hides your IP address and physical location, allowing you to browse the web privately without fear of monitoring or consequences.

4. Access Site Restricted by Geographic Blocking

Certain sites restrict content based on location – unblockit can help you bypass geographic blocking and view region-locked content from anywhere in the world.

5. Completely Free Service Without Ads or Signups

Unlike many free proxies, unblockit doesn’t bombard you with ads or require any form of signup, registration or installation making it hassle-free to start using instantly.

Step-By-Step Guide on Using Unblockit

Using unblockit to access blocked content is quick and straightforward:

1. Go to Unblockit.nz

Open any web browser on your device and enter unblockit.nz into the address bar. This will open the proxy homepage.

2. Enter Blocked URL

On the homepage, you’ll see a search/URL bar. Simply enter or paste the full URL of the site you wish to visit into this bar.

3. Click “Unblock Site”

Once the URL is entered, click or tap on the “Unblock Site” button next to the search bar. This will redirect you through the encrypted proxy server.

4. Browse Site Anonymously

You will now seamlessly access the previously blocked website content without any geo-restrictions, filters or censorship applied. Feel free to browse, stream, download etc. as usual without exposing your identity.

5. Repeat As Needed

If you want to visit another blocked site, simply return to the unblockit.nz homepage and repeat the above steps of entering the new URL and clicking the unblock button. No reconfiguration needed each time.

And that’s all there is to it! With these few simple steps you can use unblockit to bypass internet censorship and access the open web freely and securely.

Why is Unblockit Better Than VPNs?

While VPNs are great privacy and security tools in the right contexts, as a simple website proxy, unblockit has some advantages:

✔️ Completely free – Unlimited use without paying anything ever

✔️ No software installations – Just visit a site to use, no apps or configurations

✔️ Lightning fast speeds – Optimized European servers built solely for proxying

✔️Access on any device – Phones, laptops, PCs..no restrictions

✔️No personal info collected – High anonymity with no logs or tracking

✔️ Easy to use – Intuitive interface and simple setup takes seconds

The main advantage of VPNs is encrypting ALL internet traffic and changing your location. But just for accessing blocked sites, unblockit is faster, simpler and more private.

Unblocking YouTube, Social Media and Streaming Sites

Here are some example URLs you can enter into unblockit to unblock popular sites:

🌐 YouTube – Unblocks videos blocked in your country or school – Example URL: www.YouTube.com

🌐 Facebook – Access Facebook if it is censored or prohibited – Example URL: www.facebook.com

🌐 Twitch – Unblocks live streams blocked in your region – Example URL: www.twitch.tv

🌐 Netflix – Beats geo-blocks to view Netflix content from anywhere – Example URL: www.netflix.com

And the process is the same for unblocking any site – simply copy and paste its URL into unblockit.

Unblockit Mobile Apps

Unblockit also offers free proxy apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

The apps work just like the web proxy but through a dedicated app optimized for speed on mobile devices. Simply install the app then enter URLs to unblock sites.

The mobile apps allow you to unblock sites across all browsers and apps on your phone or tablet in just a couple taps!

Conclusion Unblockit

Whether you want to access your favorite social media site at school or watch region-locked content abroad, Unblockit makes it simple to bypass internet censorship and unblock websites securely and anonymously.

It works across all devices, won’t slow your connections down, requires no software or configuration and keeps absolutely no personal logs.

To start accessing a freer internet today, just visit unblockit.nz!

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