How to Share Your Screen on Facetime?

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Facetime is used by a large number of people and all thanks to the feature of screen sharing on Facetime anybody can use the video calling app of apple. This feature lets the users see the rest of the people of what is there on the display. 

You can share anything on your screen such as a photo, a web page, or any app. 

But there are many people who do not know how do you share screen on facetime and if you are also one of these users then let us tell you that this blog has been prepared to help you.

In this blog today we are going to guide you to know how you will be able to share your screen during Facetime, so let us see how you can do it. 

How You Can Share Your Screen in Facetime on an iPhone device or an iPad Device

  • To begin this step you are required to first of all start a Facetime call for which you need to create a link and share it with the people with whom you want to do the face time. 
  • When facetime has begun and when you are ready to share your screen with other people you just need to tap on the share content button which is there on the screen at the very top. 
  • After this, you will see a pop-up on the screen on which you have to hit the share my screen button after which you will see a short countdown, once the countdown is finished your screen will be shared. 
  • You can now display any app or content which you like on the screen and get the answer for can you share screen on facetime. As you share the screen everybody will now be able to see what you are seeing on your iPhone or iPad device. 

Now, after you are done sharing the screen you might want to know how you can end a screen-sharing session on face time. 

Well, to end a screen-sharing session you are supposed to go to the face time and then tap on the share content button on the screen again. 

As soon as you will press this button your session of screen sharing will be finished. 

Share Screen on Faceteim on a Mac Device 

After knowing how you can share screens on iPhone and iPad you should now know about screen share on facetime on a Mac device. 

For this, you have to begin a face time call on your mac device after which you have to open the app which you wish to share. 

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Move to the menu bar on face time and hit on screen share button from the screen after which you must select how you want to share, you can either opt for the window or for the screen. 

To finish the session, simply move to the menu of facetime again and hit on the stop sharing option.

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