Details of Atmosphere Speakers

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Atmosphere speakers heighten the soundstage, giving you an immersive audio experience. These speakers can support a range of audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

These speakers can enhance the sound of your home theater system. They also help improve your sound clarity. They can also increase your home value.

Improved audio clarity

The Atmosphere speakers offer a wide and very natural sound stage, which makes them easy to listen to. They also have very low colorations and are not over-interpreted. The elements that are close to the listener – especially vocals – are large and clear.

The speakers have a tweeter inside a horn that can help to improve the quality of audio reproduction. This allows the speaker to produce a much wider soundstage and provide more detail. The horn also provides better dispersion than other loudspeakers and can help to avoid distortion.

The Atmosphere X Euphoria interconnects and speaker cables use graphene and Uniform Energy Field technology to eliminate the need for active shielding. This reduces the overall cost and complexity of the cables while improving their performance. Moreover, these cables do not need to be powered by an external power supply and can be used with most systems. Musical nuances were presented in a very life-like manner, and the piano, acoustic bass, and vibraphone had plenty of presence and no brightness.

Compatibility with many devices

Smart speakers are known for offering Bluetooth-pairing capabilities with mobile devices. They also offer other features such as element-resistance and durability. They are usually designed for indoor play but some can also withstand outdoor elements.

They can be connected to a turntable or other audio devices using the line-in port. They can even be hardwired to your router if needed. This feature is ideal for users who want to stream music from a computer or tablet but do not have WiFi access.

The OD-11 can also connect to other speakers through the Party Connect function. The process can be completed through the app. Just make sure that all speakers to be used are updated with the latest software version. You can check if they are upgradable in the orthoplay app by clicking the green update button. You must do this for each speaker that will be used with the Party Connect function. The LED on the OD-11 will light up when the feature is activated.


For those who want to take advantage of the Atmos Dolby surround processing built into their AV receivers, these speakers can be a good choice. You can set them on top of a stand or mount them high on the wall, pointed upward, to bounce the sound off the ceiling and directly toward your ears.

Musical nuances emerge from these speakers in a natural and life-like manner. The EQ settings are neutral and the presentation is transparent. This quality allows you to enjoy the music without having to listen at a specific spot or strain your ears.

For those who want to add more to the sound, Synergistic Research offers a few different Carbon Tuning Discs. The Gold and Purple can be affixed to interconnects where they enter components or speaker cables as they exit the speakers. These trickle-down tweaks can enhance the sense of space for which the company is known. They cost a couple of dollars each and can be applied like a dab of whitish tack.


When installing Atmosphere speakers, it is important to know how many satellites and a subwoofer will be needed. This will help you determine how much wire you’ll need to run. The best method of wiring is using a 2-conductor cable or low voltage lighting wire (with a separate ground). You’ll need to dig a trench 4″ to 5″ deep, depending on the location and size of your room.

A high-quality sound system can add significant value to a home, increasing its resale value. In addition, it can enhance the entertainment experience by adding a sense of immersion. It can also increase the home’s comfort and efficiency. By choosing the right system, you can create a home theater that’s both stylish and practical.

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