Cube Timer For Speed Cubing

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If you are serious about cubing, a cube timer is an indispensable tool for training and identifying areas for improvement. Furthermore, it helps define algorithms and improve solve times while remaining portable enough for competition use.

Cube timing can help you increase your speed by developing fast reflexes and superior hand-eye coordination, as well as helping you type faster on a computer and message more rapidly on a phone.

YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket Timer is the first touchless timer designed specifically for speedcubing. Utilizing an infrared sensor, all it takes to start and stop it is placing your hands within 4 cm of its faceplate. Conveniently portable in any pocket size, its sleek slim design makes it great for on-the-go cubing sessions; plus it comes equipped with short lanyard for convenient transport! Requiring 2 AAA batteries.

This cube timer from Gen 5 and Gen 6 cube timers can provide an affordable solution if you don’t wish to spend over R1000 on one. It works well as both practice cube timer and competition practice timer, and features a function button which will display average of 5 and 12 performance averages. Made of smooth plastic in black color.

T-mark Speed Cube Timer

Investing in a quality timer is essential if you take speedcubing seriously; they’re used to measure solve times at official competitions and can help identify areas for improvement in algorithms or execution as well as monitor your progress over time.

The T-Mark Speed Cube Timer boasts sensitive hand sensors and an innovative design, automatically calculating scores at every second. Accurate to within 0.001 seconds and with a large display screen for time viewing purposes, it is popular among casual and competitive cubers alike and includes an anti-fault mat to reduce failure when stopping it and protect the cube from sudden drops.

The T-Mark Speed Cube Timer is an invaluable investment for casual and competitive cubers alike. Boasting superior build quality with an intuitive user interface, this high-end device features a 2.5mm external port for connecting major brand monitors as well as DC Timer mobile app; furthermore it comes equipped with micro USB power cord charging capabilities.

Qiyi Magic Cube Timer

For serious cubers, a timer is an indispensable way to track solves and identify areas for improvement in algorithms and speed. For those wanting to take their puzzle solving abilities to the next level, Qiyi Magic Cube Timer makes for an excellent option.

This affordable cube timer is ergonomically designed, featuring sensors that illuminate when your hands come near them. You can record up to three solves at once and it comes equipped with a headphone jack. In addition, there’s a cable for connecting it with displays as well as compatibility with MoYu cubing mat; all it needs are three AAA batteries!

This web-based cube timer is an excellent solution for people unfamiliar with iOS, Android or Windows devices. Featuring an attractive design with advanced analytics and training settings that sync across devices; as well as being completely free to use with its dark theme.

Speed Stacks Timer

Dedicated speed cubers should consider investing in a cube timer. These devices help determine the optimal algorithm for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles, helping speed cubers improve solve times and even compete in championships. Not all timers are made equal – find one with pressure sensitive switches so that it starts and stops quickly for maximum effectiveness.

The new G5 Pro Timer is an entirely redesigned WSSA-approved timer for sport stacking (formerly cube stacking). Its ergonomic pads have been adjusted to provide better ergonomics while sensor sensitivity has been upgraded so as to detect even the slightest touch. Other features of note include hold functions on RESET and POWER buttons to prevent accidental presses during slammed times, three decimal place accuracy, data port compatibility with Tournament Displays and button lock mounting system; in addition its Tournament Display cord plugs directly under this timer so it won’t get in your way or become unplugged during competitions.

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