Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep

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Chimney sweeping can help lower the risk of chimney fires and improve heating system performance, as well as help eliminate unpleasant odors from entering your home.

Jeff begins by donning protective equipment such as a dust mask and goggles before running a vacuum hose from his roof to the fireplace opening.

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An inspection conducted by a chimney sweep will involve clearing away soot, debris and creosote glaze (a thick coating that accumulates on flue linings) in order to avoid fire hazards. They’ll also ensure that both chimney and fireplace are structurally sound as well as that its damper is functioning appropriately.

Chimney inspections can also detect carbon monoxide leaks and other safety hazards. Poorly maintained chimneys may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning – something which should usually be avoidable with regular maintenance.

Chimney sweeps keep an eye out for bats, who can become attracted to its warm and cozy environment that mimics that of a cave. Since bats can contaminate homes with their droppings, hiring a chimney sweep can prevent this problem before it forms colonies in your chimney – in some cases even eliminating existing colonies if necessary! They will also ensure your chimney remains free from any invasive plants such as weeds, brush or vegetation growth.


Unattended chimneys present many dangers for homeowners. One such danger is fire. Overgrown branches, leaves, rat droppings and birds’ nests can block venting systems of chimneys, leading to dangerous levels of soot and creosote — a tar-like substance flammable enough to ignite in an instant if left alone for too long.

Clean chimneys can also help eliminate unpleasant odors from infiltrating a home’s interior, and chimney sweeps are available to repair any cracks or holes in masonry that might develop over time. Early fall is the optimal time for inspection and cleaning to take place so any repairs can be completed before winter weather sets in.

Chimneys provide shelter to animals such as squirrels and birds, providing nests and other debris from nests for removal by certified professional chimney sweeps. Certified professional chimney sweeps also have the skills to caulk or repoint your chimney to deter raccoons or other destructive animals from entering your fireplace and living area; for swifts that seek refuge within chimneys they can install netting or caps in order to keep them out.


Chimneys are integral components of your home’s masonry structure and can become damaged from storms, age and general wear and tear. Damaged chimneys may experience water leakage issues which cause problems such as reduced functionality of the chimney system; fireplace smoke may even make its way into living spaces from time to time and fires may struggle to burn effectively.

Certified chimney and masonry companies specialize in inspecting, repairing and reconstructing chimney and masonry structures, such as mortar damage repairs and replacing worn-out clay liners with new ones, repointing brick surfaces. In addition, they can install chimney liners, dampers, caps or caps as necessary.

Chimney sweeps can help your chimney stay clean by clearing away creosote (flammable residue) from both its flue system and chimney lining, and inspecting for bird nests, raccoon tracks or any signs of wildlife intrusion into your home. They may even cap or net it to prevent animals from nesting or entering through it – all while staying compliant with local building codes, regulations and safety standards related to chimneys or masonry structures.

Removal of Bird Nests

Chimneys provide protection from predators and extreme weather, making them attractive to a wide variety of birds and other animals that seek shelter in them. Unfortunately, unwanted visitors to your chimney may interfere with peace and airflow while potentially carrying diseases like rabies and herpes B that could potentially spread. If you notice unwanted residents in your chimney space, contact Capital Chimney Corp for animal removal services immediately.

If you detect loud squawking from birds in your home, call a chimney sweep immediately to remove them from the environment. However, migratory species should wait until after their return before having your chimney professionally swept. Chimney sweeps can cap metal chimney flue pipes to keep birds away while also removing nests once birds leave for the season; this practice reduces parasites while protecting against swifts returning with new swift nest structures that could potentially become breeding sites in subsequent seasons.

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