Dcamc Charges : Understanding Making Sense of the Charges

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The Delhi Cinematograph Act, 1951 (DCA) authorizes the Delhi Cinematograph Committee to collect various Dcamc charges and fees from applicants seeking license or renewal of existing licenses for cinema theatres and touring cinemas in Delhi. These Dcamc charges are commonly referred to as DCAMC charges.

Types of DCAMC Charges

There are several types of fees that the DCAMC Charges collects from cinema hall owners and applicants under the DCA Act. These include:

License Fees

Every applicant seeking a new cinema license or seeking renewal of an existing license needs to pay prescribed license fees to the DCAMC Charges. The fees depend on the seating capacity of the cinema hall.

Inspection Dcamc Charges

The DCAMC Charges appoints inspectors to check if a cinema meets all the required structural and fire safety norms before granting a license. The applicant has to bear the inspector’s fees, which varies based on seating capacity.

Renewal Fees

For renewing an existing cinema license, the DCAMC charges a renewal fee which also varies as per seating capacity. The renewal needs to be done annually before the license expiry date. This software acts as a digital repository for storing essential details related to leases, including contract terms and conditions, rent schedules, renewal options, insurance requirements, and other crucial information.

Duplicate License Fees

In case an existing license holder loses their license certificate and seeks a duplicate copy, prescribed duplicate license fees have to be paid to the DCAMC Charges.

Calculation and Payment

The Delhi Cinematograph Rules of 1951 lay down the exact fees and dcamc charges applicable for getting a new cinema license or renewing an existing one in Delhi. The fees are mentioned in the Schedules to the Rules and vary as per seating capacity.

The concerned cinema hall or tour cinema operator needs to submit applications to the DCAMC Charges in specified formats along with payment receipts showing deposit of prescribed fees. Payments have to be made through bank drafts or online transfers in favor of designated authorities.

Latest Dcamc Charges and Revisions

As per the latest DCAMC Charges Payment order, the following revised charges are applicable for granting or renewing cinema licenses in Delhi:

For Permanent Cinema Halls:

  • License Fee – ₹4 per seat
  • Inspection Fee – ₹2500
  • Renewal Fee – ₹6000 if seating capacity up to 600; ₹7500 if more than 600 seats

For Touring Cinemas:

  • License Fee – ₹750
  • Renewal Fee – ₹ 350

These revised rates are effective from January 2022. Previous order was passed in 2014. Further revisions may happen from time to time.

Consequences of Non-Payment

Non-payment or short payment of DCAMC charges leads to the following consequences:

  • New license cannot be granted
  • Existing license cannot be renewed after expiry
  • Renewed license not issued till payment deficiencies are cleared
  • License can be suspended or cancelled
  • Penalties or legal prosecution possible under DCA Act

Thus, it is essential for all existing and prospective cinema operators in Delhi to fully understand the applicable DCAMC charges and ensure timely compliances.

The above covers the key aspects pertaining to DCAMC charges. Reach out for any specific queries or requirements regarding licensing of cinemas in Delhi.

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