Travelling Sri Lanka – The Best Places to See

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Traveling Sri lanka Although travel restrictions and closures of sites have made parts of Sri Lanka harder to access, those that remain open offer beautiful sights – from world-class beaches without crowds to UNESCO sites such as Sigiriya and Anuradhapura without having to battle through traffic jams.

Food here is unbelievably cheap, and bringing a reusable water bottle can save money on plastic bottle waste. Locals love celebrating cricket successes over a platter of steaming hoppers!

1. Colombo

Colombo is an expansive metropolis offering innovative ways of living. There are new hotels, skyscrapers and even an enormous TV tower in Colombo that promise luxurious accommodations.

Visit the National Museum to see fascinating artifacts such as ancient manuscripts, statues and carvings; even crown and throne of Kandyan kings can be seen there! Additionally, Pettah Market District should not be missed!

2. Kandy

Kandy is an essential stop on any Sri Lanka Route and home to some of its top attractions – from epic train journeys to religious sites – offering plenty to see and do for travelers on this vacation!

No visit to Kandy would be complete without visiting the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, an essential stop for Buddhists! Additionally, Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens offer breathtaking flora.

3. Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is known as Sri Lanka’s own Little England, featuring water buffaloes grazing on hilly terrain and women harvesting tea leaves from surrounding plantations – this region is also commonly referred to as Sri Lanka’s strawberry capital!

One of the top activities to do in Nuwara Eliya is visiting Lover’s Leap waterfall, just a short drive from town. This spectacular falls is popular among both residents and tourists.

4. Ella

Ella is a picturesque little town that’s completely immersed in nature, making it the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate hiking trails, waterfalls, tea plantations tours and other forms of recreation. Stepping foot here feels like walking into an ideal postcard scene!

Visit Ravana Waterfall, famous for its natural cave. Take a tour and tasting session of Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory; Matey Hut offers delectable local cuisine as well as cooking classes!

5. Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa’s medieval structures serve as living testaments of Sri Lanka’s rich past, such as the Palace of King Parakramabahu with its magnificent lion sculptures decorating its walls.

Be sure to visit Pothgul Vehera monastery, which stands out from any others in Sri Lanka, as well as Parakrama Samudra lake for an incredible aquatic experience! Plus, keep an eye out for Polonnaruwa’s monkey population!

6. Udawalawe

Udawalawe Wildlife Park in Sri Lanka’s savannah-like ecosystem boasts magnificent Sri Lankan elephants as well as numerous bird and other animal species, which provide for an array of activities in this savannah-like park.

Car, taxi cab or Tuk Tuk are ideal ways of reaching the park, as its location lies 170 kilometers from Colombo and 2.5 hours from Ella or Nuwara Eliya respectively. Be sure to fill up before embarking on this journey!

7. Yapahuwa

Yapahuwa stands out among Sri Lanka’s fleeting capitals of medieval Sri Lanka as an archaeological and natural treasure. This rock fortress lies midway between Kurunegala and Anuradhapura and contains both inner and outer city sections.

An impressive stone staircase that seems to continue forever leads to the summit, featuring an ornamental design unique in itself and featuring eye-catching lion statues at its entrance.

8. Sigiriya

Sigiriya Rock Fortress, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, was constructed by King Kashyapa (477-495). His 200 meter granite rock features an exceptional palace that stands out for both its beauty and architecture.

Lion’s Paws at Ruin Entrance. Climb is not easy but worth your while; take breaks!

9. Dambulla

Dambulla Cave Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its five caves contain 153 Buddha statues as well as over 1500 ancient paintings on their ceilings.

As it’s much cooler and fewer people will be around at these times of day, visiting early in the morning or just before sunset is ideal.

Also, take advantage of your local farmers market to stock up on fresh produce!

10. Yala

Yala National Wildlife Park of Sri Lanka boasts lush forests and tranquil lagoons that host 215 bird species – leopards among them! Here, leopards reign supreme.

Visitors staying at back-to-nature hotels and luxury camping retreats in this region have the chance to spot leopards, elephants and sloth bears. Sithulpawwa is an ancient Buddhist monastery with numerous cliff-top caves that guests can explore either on foot or by car.

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