Tips For Selecting Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

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Double-sided tape is an excellent option for bonding a variety of materials. Unlike mechanical fasteners, it provides a clean aesthetic and minimizes product bulk. It also prevents moisture intrusion.

A good quality double-sided adhesive tape should be able to stick to surfaces and peel off effortlessly. To do this, it must be free of contaminants and formulated to resist UV exposure.

1. Look for the manufacturer’s credentials

The best double-sided adhesive tapes are made with pressure-sensitive adhesives on both sides. They’re perfect for bonding and attaching items to various surfaces, both indoors and out. They’re also easy to use, and can help you avoid costly repairs due to poorly executed fastening.

Strength is another important factor to consider when choosing a double-sided tape. While most regular tapes can hold between five and 15 pounds, heavy-duty options can hold up to 30 pounds. However, keep in mind that double-sided tape is not as strong as nails or screws.

Different types of double-sided tapes have different physical properties, such as peel strength and tensile strength. They can also have different temperature resistances. Some are even plasticizer, water, and weather resistant! These industrial-grade products are ideal for woodworking applications like machine cutting, splicing, and CNC woodworking. They also work well for a variety of other projects, including thermal sealing and mounting.

2. Check the company’s experience

Double-sided tape is a versatile and convenient way to hold things together. It is widely used in many different industries for a variety of applications, including mounting, sealing, cushioning, absorption, and vibration mitigation. However, not all double-sided adhesive tapes are created equal. In fact, some are more effective than others in terms of adhesion, performance, and temperature resistance.

To find the right double-sided tape for your needs, it’s important to consider the materials you are bonding and the field conditions in which they will be used. For example, some surface treatments can affect the tackiness of tapes. The same goes for temperatures: colder environments may require specialty outdoor double-sided tapes.

In addition, it’s vital to determine whether the surface you are working on is smooth or rough. Some surfaces, such as glass, glazed tile, and bare metals, are more receptive to the tape, while others, such as wood and cement, are less so. In many cases, these differences can be minimized by selecting the appropriate thickness of tape.

3. Check the company’s product range

Double-sided adhesive tapes are an invaluable household staple. They are perfect for affixing objects like frames, posters, wallpapers and stickers on walls and are a great alternative to drilling holes in the wall. They also come in handy for home improvement and DIY projects.

Choosing the right double-sided tape depends on the type of surface you want to bond. For example, thicker tapes are more suitable for rough surfaces than thin ones. Likewise, some types of tape are more suitable for woodworking or auto repair than others.

Another factor to consider is how easily the tape can be removed. Premium quality tapes usually don’t leave any residue and come off the surface smoothly. It is also helpful to warm up the surface before removing the tape. This helps to ensure that the adhesive doesn’t peel off with it.

4. Check the company’s customer service

Double-sided tapes don’t leave behind messy residues and can be used on most surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal and glass. You can also easily tear them off with your hands, unlike glues and nails that require special shenanigans to get rid of.

You should choose the type of adhesive tape based on your application requirements. The right choice will depend on the bonding surface you need to work with and whether it’s rough or smooth. For example, cloth tapes are excellent for rough surfaces and provide resistance to tearing, while paper-based tapes offer superior adhesion to most materials.

CFS carries double-sided tapes from leading manufacturers and can customize them to your required width and length. These tapes have a polyester carrier and either rubber or acrylic adhesive systems. These tapes are ideal for laminating and splicing applications, as well as for gasketing and sound deadening in the automotive and appliance industries. They have high initial tack and a wide temperature range.

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