Tips For Selecting Chimney Repair Companies

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When you need chimney repairs, it is vital that you choose a company with high safety and quality standards. A reliable company will have certified technicians and liability insurance.

Look for a company that offers personalized service. Chimney repair companies should have management that supports field staff.

Water damage is one of the most common problems that homeowners experience with their chimneys. Chimney crowns, caps and flashing (located between the chimney and roof) are often affected by leaks.

Ask for Recommendations

If your chimney needs repair, search for local professionals. Ask friends, family and home improvement store employees to recommend pros they trust. Chimney repairs and replacements are generally not do-it-yourself jobs due to ladder safety issues and the risk of falling off the roof or through a window. If you are unsure whether your chimney should be repaired or replaced, a professional can determine the best course of action and provide an estimate for the work.

Look for a company that offers full-range chimney services, including cleanings and repairs. Many problems arise with the chimney when it is not cleaned regularly, leading to a buildup of creosote, which is highly flammable and can cause chimney fires. A reputable company should also offer waterproofing and masonry restoration services. Check whether the company you are considering has memberships or accreditations with industry organizations like the CSIA. These credentials indicate that the company is held to high standards and has an invested interest in the quality of its work.

Check the License

If a chimney repair company is licensed, you can trust that they have the necessary qualifications and expertise to perform their work safely. Chimney technicians must be certified and have the proper tools to access your chimney and roof. Chimney repair professionals must also be able to properly evaluate chimney damage and determine whether the chimney should be repaired, replaced, or removed.

A good chimney company will provide a detailed inspection and clearly explain the results. They will also provide the estimated cost for the required repairs. Be wary of companies that use scare tactics to sell their services. If a chimney sweep or salesperson uses terms like carbon monoxide poisoning and house fire to frighten you into getting repairs, get a second opinion.

A reputable chimney company should also carry liability insurance to protect you and their employees in the event of an accident on your property. You should be able to verify the company’s insurance directly with their insurance carrier.

Check the Reviews

A chimney is a vital part of a home’s ventilation system, allowing smoke, toxins and potentially harmful gases to escape the living space. However, a chimney that is damaged or in disrepair can pose a fire and safety risk.

Chimney repair professionals can fix a wide range of problems, including:

* chimney relining – this service helps protect your home from water damage, prevents debris from entering the fireplace and provides better ventilation. * chimney masonry repair – if the mortar joints become cracked or crumbling, a masonry contractor can restore them with tuckpointing, a process that removes old, crumbling mortar and replaces it with a fresh compound.

When choosing a chimney and fireplace repair company, start by checking the company’s BBB rating, reviews on third-party websites and references. Then, request quotes and estimates from several companies to compare prices. Some companies also offer financing, annual service plans and discounts to help make chimney repairs more affordable.

Check the Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is in place to protect homeowners from unexpected damages and expenses. Damage caused by a storm, chimney fire, and certain types of deterioration are typically covered. However, when a chimney becomes damaged due to neglect or poor maintenance, the resolution falls on the homeowner. When this happens, a company like Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace can help you get back on track with your insurance provider by documenting the damages and providing proof of repairs needed to restore your chimney to proper working condition.

It’s important to find a chimney company that also provides worker’s compensation insurance to their employees. In case a chimney sweep is injured or dismembered on the job, worker’s comp will pay for their medical care and a portion of any lost wages. It’s also a good idea to hire a chimney repair company that offers regular inspections. This will help prevent problems like leaks, creosote build-up, and animal nesting.

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