The Pros and Cons of the HVAC System-Superior Air Management

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If you want to replace your AC system or you want to install the new system at your home or workplace, you must choose the system that suits your needs. There are many companies like HVAC contractors Athens, GA, who provide a wide range of the HVAC services in your town. But the exact confusion starts from which system would you choose for your home, right? 

There is a huge debate on this topic and still, you don’t get the right answer, this article is for you. All you need to know is to follow these important steps for designing the heating pump system. 

  • First, you need to list down the cooling and heating requirements for your home, which is basically a calculation and important consideration factors for your home. For instance, window types, sun exposure, insulation, and building materials. 
  • The floor planning of your house which includes the space usage. You can also say this is a step where you take the size of your entire home and increase the equipment’s efficiency. Not only this, but this step also provides you the chance to control the temperature and humidity. 

So, let’s begin the show on the road. 

Split System 

The split system is one of the most common residential HVAC systems because of the two essential components. However, according to the Superior Air Management company, the two pieces of equipment are the most essential equipment for heating and cooling during the chilly winter and scorching summers. 

Besides, the term “split” refers to the one piece of equipment which is located outside and the other piece of equipment located inside of the system. In easy words, you can say that 2 pieces of equipment are split which provides the cooling and heating according to the season in your region. Furthermore, the outdoor unit or the condensing unit produces the heating and cooling years around, and the experts at the HVAC contractor in Athens, GA claim that it often uses the refrigeration system for transferring the heat to the indoor unit. 

The indoor unit on the other side, distributes the heat and cooling in your entire home. Similarly, you can place the indoor unit in your basement or crawl space. But you can find the various suitable areas at your home for its placements. 

Duct Free System or Ductless 

Companies who provide their service for 24 hour hvac in Athens ga, refer to the duct free system as the mini-split system which is unique in system and comes with multiple benefits. The major benefit of the duct free system is it has the independent control on each room’s temperature which is known as the zone control. Interestingly, this system adjusts the temperature of the room for increasing the comfort level in the environment such as bedrooms and tv lounges. 

There are many businesses who are getting benefits from the duct free systems because it provides the best and independent temperature control in each workspace’s room. Usually, the unit is arranged on the walls and has connectivity with the outdoor unit. The outdoor units usually have more than five indoor units. 

However, the independent units have the control features which makes them suitable for small houses, hotels, and venues. Besides, people also install these independent units in the tenant departments. Also, the independent units will conserve the energy and keep the place heat or cool according to the requirements. 

Heating and Cooling Package

According to the experts at the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, the heating and cooling packages are placed in one box to keep the space safe. However, this single equipment is usually located outside of the box and does not require any space for the indoor side. You can place the heating and cooling packages on the rooftops of your home so that the duct can have the best air distribution. 

The short and minimalist design easily allows you to place the units within your house without getting extra space. Not only this, but the package unit has the low cost and has the same functionality as the split systems but has the main difference. It means that you can place the split system in the outside location too but heating and cooling packages are only placeable on the indoor side. 

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