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Smash Karts is one of the most popular racing games out there. Its popularity stems from its simple controls and intriguing power-up system.

This fast-paced game requires deft driving and strategic use of weaponry to eliminate opponents. It also features a range of fascinating maps and 3D visuals.

Players can choose from a variety of karts and customize them before each battle. They can also collect weapons to destroy enemies.


A fun kart racing game that’s perfect for players of all ages and ability levels. The simple controls and interesting power-up system provide an ideal blend of competitive gameplay and lighthearted pleasure. The game also features a wide selection of characters, hats, and karts to help players customize their experience.

Drive over the boxes containing question marks to pick up weapons and power-ups. These range from invincibility to machine guns and mines. Players can use their weapons to whittle down the enemy count or just cause a lot of chaos.

Each public match played earns the player XP, which they can spend on a variety of prizes in the prize machine. These prizes include coins, hats, wheels, and character tokens. Character tokens can then be used to unlock new characters of varying rarity.

Tracks is one of the most popular games on our site and combines the thrill of kart racing with weapons-based combat. The game features a wide variety of game modes and tracks and can be played by 1-4 players at once. Players can also collect power-ups to gain an advantage.

The game is easy to learn but hard to master. It can be played online against friends or strangers. Each round lasts for three minutes and the player who kills the most opponents will win. Players can unlock powerful karts and new characters to enhance their gameplay.

Various power-ups are available to help you on the track, including machine guns, rockets, mines and invulnerability. The more enemies you eliminate, the more money you get, which can be used to buy new karts.


The game’s power-ups add a new dimension of strategy to the gameplay. Some boost your speed while others destroy other karts in front of you. The game also features a selection of karts, characters, and headgear to customize your character.

The game’s intriguing power-up system offers a balance between competitive racing and lighthearted fun. Its cross-platform availability and regular updates allow players to play it anywhere and on any device. It’s a great choice for gamers of all ages and skill levels. The game’s unique arenas and three-minute combat rounds challenge players to master both deft driving and shrewd power-up utilization. The player who kills the most opponents in a round wins. The game features a variety of different weapons, including machine guns, rockets, mines and invincibility power.


Players can use different weapons and power-ups on their customizable karts to defeat opponents. These power-ups can range from missiles to speed boosts, shields, and mines. The game also features a wide range of different multiplayer modes and characters. It is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, and is updated regularly with new maps and weapons.

Weapons can be found in the crates scattered around the arena. They are dropped randomly and have a low chance of appearing, but once they appear, they can be used to damage the enemy and score points. Players can also use the customize menu to unlock a variety of wacky characters and karts. The game has simple gameplay that can be easily learned, but requires advanced maneuvering skills to master.


Play Smash Karts unblocked in a modern web browser to experience the latest 3D gaming technology. It’s a multiplayer game that supports up to four players, and you can choose from a variety of characters and karts. The game features a wide range of power-ups that can help you gain an advantage over your opponents, including speed boosts and missiles.

Collect weapon crates to fire bullets, grenades and even rockets at your enemies. You can also change your appearance to make your character look cooler. The customization options include hats and karts, and you can unlock new rewards by leveling up. The game’s progression system keeps the gameplay engaging and motivating. Moreover, the game’s multiple tracks and environments provide different challenges and obstacles. You can also look for secret shortcuts to get a better edge over your opponents.

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