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Ridley Academy takes what you already CAN do (like wiggle your finger) and builds on that one simple step at a time. This method eliminates the confusion and failure that most people experience when learning music. It keeps you winning so that you never give up!

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Piano Lessons

While some people learn piano by attending regular lessons from a teacher in a physical location, there are many alternatives for those who prefer to study at home. Whether you want to play popular music or master classical pieces, there are many online piano courses available.

Pianoforall is an e-book course that uses a dive right-in approach to teaching and is geared toward adults and teens who are ready to get started playing right away. It emphasizes chords, playing by ear, and jazz, while also covering improvisation and composing. It doesn’t cover reading music like other methods, so if that’s your main goal you should consider alternatives.

Stephen Ridley is a former Wall Street wolf who quit his job to pursue his passion for piano. He now teaches piano to students around the world from his studio in London.

Vocal Lessons

In-person vocal lessons are the best way to learn the skills of singing, such as tonal quality, dynamics, and articulation. The Ridley Academy curriculum teaches these skills one step at a time, so that each new skill builds on the last. This makes it easier to practice consistently and see progress. It also means that students can learn quickly and avoid the frustration of not understanding or making progress when other methods overwhelm with too much information at once.

Workshops are also offered, taught by Hilerie Klein Rensi. She teaches the techniques her voice students around the world use to release the tension in their instruments and find strength, endurance, freedom, and confidence throughout their whole range. It’s a community where artists of all ages, levels, and styles can try boldly, fail loudly, grow endlessly, and create joyfully.

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