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The Rise of Kokoa TV – South Korea’s Video Streaming Powerhouse

Over the past few years, video streaming has exploded in popularity around the world. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have become household names. However, in South Korea, the dominant video streaming force is Kokoa TV.

What is Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV is a video streaming service owned by Kakao, the company behind KakaoTalk, South Korea’s most popular messaging app. Launched in 2017, Kokoa TV has quickly grown to become the leading OTT (over-the-top) video platform in South Korea.

As of 2022, Kokoa TV had over 17 million monthly active users and offered over 200 live channels along with a catalog of on-demand Korean dramas, variety shows, movies and more. The service is available on the web, iOS, Android, and major smart TV platforms in South Korea.

The Secret of Kokoa TV’s Success

So what sets Kokoa TV apart in the Korean market? There are a few key factors:

Leveraging KakaoTalk’s User Base

As South Korea’s dominant messaging platform with over 50 million monthly users, KakaoTalk provided Kokoa TV an enormous built-in audience. Kakao has integrated Kokoa TV deeply into their messaging app, allowing users to easily access and share video content. This integration has been key to efficient user acquisition.

Localized Content and UI

While Netflix and other global streamers focus on international content, Kokoa TV places heavy emphasis on Korean entertainment. Their platform showcases content from major Korean broadcasters and production houses. This local appeal is enhanced by an interface fully optimized for Korean language and sensibilities.

Freemium Model

Unlike subscription-only services, Kokoa TV operates on a freemium model. Some original content and sample episodes are available for free, allowing users to get a taste before subscribing. There are also free channels with ads. This model has lowered barriers to initial signup.

Targeting Underserved Markets

Services like Netflix have historically focused more on younger demographics. Meanwhile, Kokoa TV has tailored content and marketing to appeal to a wider age range. Their dramas and variety shows appeal to older generations underserved by other streaming platforms.

Rapid Growth and Future Potential

Thanks to this strategic positioning, Kokoa TV has achieved massive growth since launch. Their mobile monthly active users jumped 139% year-over-year in 2021.

Looking forward, Kokoa TV has strong potential to cement itself as South Korea’s streaming incumbent. But global competitors are taking notice and now aiming to compete more aggressively in Korea by licensing more Korean content.

To fend off these rivals, Kokoa TV will likely need to continue maximizing their localization advantages while also investing heavily in premium original content and technology. Global expansion could also be an option down the line. But for now, Kokoa TV remains laser focused on serving Korean entertainment fans with a product finetuned for local tastes.

Kokoa TV’s Impact on the Korean Entertainment Industry

Kokoa TV’s meteoric rise has had significant ripple effects across Korea’s entertainment ecosystem. The emergence of a new mega-platform for video streaming has led to shifts in viewer behavior and how content gets produced and monetized.

More Korean Households Are “Cord Cutting”

As Koreans – especially younger generations – adopt streaming, more households are cancelling cable TV subscriptions (“cord cutting”). Kokoa TV’s diverse, affordable on-demand library has accelerated this shift away from linear TV.

Production Houses Adjust Content Strategies

Major Korean production houses and broadcasters have adjusted content development pipelines in response to the demand signals of leading streaming platforms like Kokoa TV. Streaming-optimized content, like mini-series dramas, are now priority projects.

Platform Competition Is Fueling Content Spending

As the battle for streaming dominance in Korea intensifies, platforms like Kokoa TV, Netflix and Watcha are fueling a spending war over talent and original IP. In 2021 alone, over $1 billion was invested in Korean original content by major streaming platforms.

Korean Entertainment Going Global

As Korean entertainment gains worldwide fans, Kokoa TV’s rise at home indirectly amplifies the global reach of Korean culture. Hit shows get remade for international audiences. Korean creators gain global opportunities. Popularity breeds more popularity.

With Kokoa TV establishing itself as Korea’s top streaming destination, its impact is being strongly felt across many facets of Korea’s entertainment industry – from production to distribution to global marketing. The service promises to be a key force shaping the future of Korean video streaming both domestically and around the world.

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