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If you are interested in traveling games, you are at the right place. Pokemon Go Mod Apk is specially developed for users fond...
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If you are interested in traveling games, you are at the right place. Pokemon Go Mod Apk is specially developed for users fond of traveling and adventure lovers. You can wander freely wherever you want. The main characters of this amazing game are Pokemon. Using these Pokemon will attack your opponents and get many rewards in return. Some events like Unova, Johto, and Kanto are also held in this game. You can participate in these events to get money and badges. You can also earn money by catching and selling the other Pokemon you caught during a fight. Some Pokemon are mighty that they can’t fight and win against them. In this situation, you should make the team with other trainers and this way you can easily beat these mighty opponents.


When we want to get anything, we need to go outside in real life. But in Pokemon Go, you can also get Pokemon while sitting in the house. The best thing about this game is you can change your location on your own, and by using this feature, you can catch and locate a Pokemon from the USA, even sitting in the UK. It is so popular among gamers that millions of people downloaded it soon after its release on 13 December 2016. This game is called “Best Mobile Game” by Game Developers Choice Awards. It is also awarded “Best App of Year” by TechCrunch.

List of Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Here a detailed feature list of Pokemon Go Mod Apk is given below:

1) Unlimited Coins

You will get unlimited coins in this mod version. These coins will help you in hunting hundreds of Pokemon. If you do not have enough money, you will be unable to enjoy all these game features. So whenever you need money, click a button and get credit according to your desire.

2) Make new Friends

Here in this game, you have an option to play by making teams of 3 players. You can select these players from all over the world and participate in many events.


3) Fake GPS

You can also use fake GPS, which means you can wander in the USA, even in the UK. Using this amazing feature, you can hunt Pokemon of distant places even if you are sitting in your drying room. This hunting gives you a real touch and does not give you a feel that you are sitting at home while hunting opponents.

4) Ad Free

This is an ad-free game. So now you are free from the problem of unwanted ads. Some game owners also demand money for removing these ads. But here you are provided with this service free of cost.


5) Graphics

The graphics of this game are so eye-catching. You will not feel bored while playing this game. It is an engaging game because you will see something happening in it every time. The color scheme used by game developers is appreciated.

6) Perfect for Kids

There is not any harmful content detected in Pokemon Go Mod Apk same as Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. So you can say that this is a perfect game for kids, and it is also easy to play. Kids can play it in their leisure time. They can also invite their friends and play this game in the form of a team. The positive thing about this game is that it is not addictive. So you can say that it is not harmful to kids’ mental and physical health.


7) Discover New Territories

If you are an adventure lover and want to see new things, this game is perfectly developed. You can roam all around the world while playing this game. If one hour before you are in New York, it is possible that in the next, you will be in London. So download this game to visit which place you want.

Some Limitations for Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon Go is not optimized for Tablets; only smartphone users can play this game.
Suitable for devices having 2GB RAM or more.
Install the 6.0-10.0 version on your android device.
Your device must have GPS capability
Try to play only when you are connected to a network.


Some Other Mod Features

Collect more than 600 pokemon
Get all pokemon unlocked
Expand your map
Participate in gym battles
Better support
Catch Pokemon even passing through water
Get badges that show your worth and experience
Superb sound effects
Easy and handy gameplay



Hope so you are impressed with all the features Pokemon Go Mod Apk which I listed above. It is highly recommended for you to spend your free time with leisure and learning new things. I have also played this game since 2017, and it is still installed on my mobile phone. I play this game for 1-2 hours daily. There is no other best way to see all distant places virtually. So install this game instantly and make your time more enjoyable.


1) Is the new version of Pokemon Go Mod apk lag-free?
Yes, the new version is lag-free, and you will not face any issues related to this.
2) Can I participate in every event of my desire?
Yes, you can participate in every event, and there is also no need for money.
3) Is this game safe for kids?
Yes, the content of Pokemon Go Mod Apk is safe for kids.



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