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In these times of high crime, many people choose to protect themselves with a personal protection dog. They understand that alarm systems and other security measures help, but having a live, four-legged guardian on duty around the clock adds a greater sense of peace.

Choosing the right breed, training and temperament is vital to getting a protection dog that suits your needs. Learn more about the top four breeds to consider. Here are the best protection dogs for sale.

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed. This working dog has the potential to excel at law enforcement or personal protection work, making it a great choice for a security team. However, because of their intelligence and vigilant nature, they require a firm owner who can establish themselves as the pack leader. This doesn’t mean being harsh or cruel, but rather being confident and using positive reinforcement training techniques.

Dutch Shepherds are a great choice for families because they are friendly and obedient dogs that bond well with kids and other pets. They can also switch gears and be aggressive if needed, so they are an excellent choice for protecting your home and family.

In fact, police and counter terrorism teams around the world employ Dutch Shepherds for high-intensity situations when lives are in danger. Dutch Shepherds have incredible bite strength and a fearlessness that makes them perfect for protection work. Priority 1 Canine offers fully trained and vetted Dutch Shepherds for sale with the ability to protect you and your loved ones.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a powerful breed with incredible herding and protection instincts. They can act as a fearless guardian while also being affectionate and gentle with their family. Buying a fully trained Belgian Malinois from a quality professional is important to ensure it has the ability and willingness to be your trusted companion. Avoid back yard breeders as they typically do not have the knowledge or skills to train these dogs adequately.

This breed can live in an apartment if properly exercised, but prefers a yard where it can run and play freely for hours at a time. They require daily outdoor exercise and mental stimulation, as well as strong leadership and companionship. Otherwise, they can become destructive and difficult to control. They were historically bred to herd sheep for hours on end and are happiest when they can accompany their humans in any activity. Unless trained and cared for correctly, a Malinois can easily develop separation anxiety.


Rottweilers are intelligent dogs with impressive work ethics that can be trained to naturally protect their people. They are fearless and loyal, making them an ideal companion for active families. Rottweilers require socialization from a young age and a firm, confident handler.

These dogs love their families and want to be with them, but they can also become destructive if they are left alone too long. To avoid this, you should begin training your Rottweiler as soon as you bring him home and be sure to give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Rottweilers are herding dogs, which means they have a natural instinct to protect livestock and other animals from predators. This is why they are so effective in police, military, and customs roles. They are also popular for service and therapy dogs. Rottweilers typically do well with children, but you should supervise them closely when they play together because they may try to put a stop to rough or aggressive play.


The Doberman is a smart and loyal breed that excels in police and military work, canine sports and as family companions. While they are naturally protective, they are not ferocious by nature and tend to be more fearful of strangers than other dogs. When properly socialized and trained, they make a wonderful addition to the family.

They are energetic and agile, making them excellent choice for owners with large properties who want to keep a watchful eye on their home. Dobermans can also be a good choice for families with older children as they are very perceptive and often act as second pairs of eyes.

Protection dogs can be expensive to purchase, train and maintain. Ensure you have the financial resources to afford one before making the commitment. You should also consider whether your lifestyle or living situation is conducive to having a dog and think about the cost of food, grooming, training and other care.

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