OSRS Holy Wrench: Complete Guide

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to the OSRS Holy Wrench! This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Holy Wrench, a powerful and rare item held by many in Old School RuneScape. The Holy Wrench is a special item that grants a wide range of benefits, including boosts to Prayer and Summoning, and it can be a great boon for players looking for an edge in their adventures. In this guide, we will cover the basics of the Holy Wrench and how you can obtain it. We will also provide some tips and tricks on how to use it most effectively in your game. So, strap in and let’s get started!

What is Holy Wrench

What is Holy Wrench

Holy Wrench is a unique item in Old School RuneScape that has many beneficial effects for players. It was released as part of the April Fools’ event in 2012 and has since become a fan favorite. The holy wrench grants a range of bonuses to the user, including increased damage, increased prayer points, and increased mining and smithing experience. It also has a special effect of restoring prayer points when wielded. This makes it a great item for anyone looking to take advantage of the game’s many prayer bonuses. The holy wrench also has an increased chance of receiving rare drops when killed, making it a valuable item for players who want to maximize their loot.

How to Acquire the Holy Wrench

Acquiring the Holy Wrench is an essential part of the OSRS quest, “Rum Deal.” This powerful item has several uses, including increasing Prayer points and restoring Stamina, and is obtained during the course of the quest.

To acquire the Holy Wrench, players must first have completed the quest “Rum Deal.” Once the quest is complete, players can speak to Brother Maledict on the island of Braindeath. Brother Maledict will give the player a book that contains the recipe for the Holy Wrench.

The recipe requires four items, which can be acquired in the following locations:

• A blessed gold bar can be found in the dungeon beneath the Ectofuntus.

• A rod of Ivandis can be bought in the Canifis Slayer Tower for 400,000 coins.

• A silver sickle (b) can be bought from the Culinaromancer’s Chest for 10,000 coins.

• A holy symbol can be bought from Brother Jered in the Monastery of Saradomin for 40,000 coins.

Once the ingredients are all acquired, players can use the gold bar on a furnace to make the holy wrench. After the holy wrench is crafted, the player can use it to restore their Prayer points and Stamina.

The holy wrench is an essential item for any OSRS player looking to complete the Rum Deal quest. Acquiring the items needed to craft the holy wrench can be a time consuming task, but is a necessary step to complete the quest.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Holy Wrench

The Holy Wrench is a tool in Old School RuneScape that can be used to increase the amount of prayer points that a player has. This tool is especially useful for players who are looking to maximize their prayer points in order to reach their goals more quickly. Here are some tips and tricks for using the Holy Wrench to its fullest potential.

Always Activate the Bonus Prayer Points

When using the Holy Wrench, always make sure to activate the bonus prayer points feature. This feature will provide an extra 20% bonus to your total prayer points, giving you an extra boost when you need it.

Always Recharge Your Prayer Points

The Holy Wrench also allows you to recharge your prayer points. Make sure to do this regularly, as it will help you stay at peak efficiency.

Keep the Holy Wrench Upgraded

The Holy Wrench can be upgraded with Divine Charges, which will increase its effectiveness. Make sure to keep the wrench upgraded to maximize its potential.

Check Your Prayer Points Regularly

Make sure to check your prayer points regularly. This will help you make sure that you are always at peak efficiency and that you are not wasting any prayer points.

Use the Holy Wrench with Other Prayer Enhancing Items

The Holy Wrench can be used in conjunction with other prayer enhancing items such as the Divine Blessing and Ethereal Outfit. This will increase your efficiency even further.

Keep in Mind Your Prayer Point Capacity

When using the Holy Wrench, make sure to keep in mind your prayer point capacity. If you exceed your capacity, you will not be able to use the wrench until you have used up some of your prayer points.

These are some tips and tricks for using the Holy Wrench to its fullest potential. By following these tips, you should be able to maximize your efficiency and reach your goals more quickly.

Benefits of Using the Holy Wrench

Increased Prayer Points

The Holy Wrench is a powerful tool found in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It provides the user with a variety of benefits, including increased Prayer Points. When equipped, it grants a bonus of 10% to the user’s Prayer Points, allowing them to pray more frequently and for longer periods of time. This is especially useful for players who rely heavily on Prayer for combat or other activities.

Increased Strength

The Holy Wrench also grants an additional bonus to the user’s Strength skill. When equipped, the user gains a bonus of 2.5% to their Strength level, allowing them to hit harder and more accurately in combat. This bonus is especially helpful for those who rely heavily on melee combat.

Increased Attack Speed

The Holy Wrench also grants the user an additional bonus to their Attack speed. When equipped, the user gains a bonus of 7.5% to their Attack speed, allowing them to attack faster and more frequently. This bonus is especially beneficial for those who rely heavily on ranged or magic combat.

Additional Bonuses

The Holy Wrench also grants the user additional bonuses when equipped. These bonuses include increased defence against magical attacks, increased damage when using the Crush attack style, increased chances of getting a critical hit, and increased damage when using the Slash attack style. These bonuses are especially helpful to players who rely heavily on melee combat.

Cost Efficiency

The Holy Wrench is also incredibly cost-efficient. It is a relatively cheap tool to obtain, and its bonuses make it worth the cost. Additionally, it does not require upkeep or maintenance, making it a reliable and affordable tool for players of all levels.

Holy Wrench Crafting

Holy Wrench Crafting is a rewarding, albeit difficult, activity in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) game. This activity involves using a variety of materials to craft a powerful tool known as the Holy Wrench. The item itself is an item of great power, capable of granting its bearer a variety of advantages and benefits.

Players are tasked with collecting the necessary materials to craft the Holy Wrench. These materials include a variety of items, such as a Holy Symbol, a Hammer, a Saw, and a larder of materials. After gathering the necessary items, players must then use the Hammer and Saw to construct the Holy Wrench. This requires careful consideration and planning of the construction, as the materials must be arranged in a specific manner in order to successfully craft the item. Once the item is finished, players can then use the Holy Wrench to perform various tasks, such as repairing broken items, gathering resources, and even fighting monsters.

The reward for crafting the Holy Wrench is immense, as it grants players access to a wide variety of benefits. Not only does it allow players to repair broken items and gather resources, but it also grants them access to a variety of special abilities, such as increased experience in combat, the ability to teleport around the world, and the ability to restore prayer points. In addition, players who successfully craft the Holy Wrench will also receive a special reward, such as a rare item or coins.

Overall, crafting the Holy Wrench is a challenging yet rewarding task. While it requires a great deal of time, effort, and resources, the rewards it grants are substantial. Players who take the time to craft the Holy Wrench will find themselves with a powerful tool at their disposal, granting them access to a variety of powerful abilities and rewards.

Holy Wrench Locations

Holy Wrenches are a special item in Old School Runescape that can be used to increase your Prayer experience by up to 10%. This makes them highly sought-after by players looking to level up their Prayer skill quickly.

To get your hands on a Holy Wrench, you’ll need to look for them in specific locations. The most reliable location for Holy Wrenches is the Grand Exchange, where players can buy them from other players. However, there are other places that you can find them, including various monsters, random events, and even certain NPCs.

For those looking to kill monsters for a Holy Wrench, the most common place to find one is from the Chaos Elemental. This monster has a relatively low drop rate for the Holy Wrench, but it’s still worth trying if you’re looking for one. Other monsters that have a chance to drop the Holy Wrench include the Giant Mole, Kalphite Queen, and Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

In addition to monsters, you can also find Holy Wrenches through random events. These events can be triggered by doing various activities in the game, such as mining, fishing, or killing monsters. The events usually involve an NPC giving you a reward, which has a chance of being a Holy Wrench.

Finally, you can also purchase a Holy Wrench from certain NPCs. These NPCs are usually located in the Lumbridge area, and can be found by talking to the Lumbridge Sage or the Clerk in the General Store.


This OSRS Holy Wrench Guide provides a complete guide for the players who wish to obtain and use the Holy Wrench. With the help of this guide, players can easily obtain the Holy Wrench and use it to complete various tasks in the game. Moreover, the uses of the Holy Wrench are also discussed such as making potions, boosting prayer and summoning and making money. Finally, this guide is a great resource for players who need help in obtaining and using the Holy Wrench.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Holy Wrench?

A Holy Wrench is a piece of equipment in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that provides various Prayer and Summoning bonuses when worn. It can be obtained by completing the Family Crest quest or purchased from the Grand Exchange.

What are the benefits of using a Holy Wrench?

A Holy Wrench provides a +2 Prayer bonus and a +2 Summoning bonus while it is worn. It also reduces the drain rate of Prayer points by 10% when worn.

How do I equip a Holy Wrench?

To equip a Holy Wrench, open the Worn Equipment tab in the game’s interface, then click on the wrench icon.

Is a Holy Wrench worth the investment?

Yes, a Holy Wrench is worth the investment for many players. The Prayer and Summoning bonuses combined with the reduced drain rate of Prayer points make it a great tool for completing certain tasks.

How do I obtain a Holy Wrench?

The easiest way to obtain a Holy Wrench is by completing the Family Crest quest. It can also be purchased from the Grand Exchange.

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