How to drive an Automatic car instructor for the first time?

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As technology advances, cars evolve, and the way of driving them too. All our lives we have driven manual vehicles, but now more and more Automatic car instructor are being used and, although they are more comfortable and easier, the truth is that we are not used to it and it is important to learn how to drive one of these vehicles.

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  • At Justpass Driving Schools we are going to give you a series of guidelines in case you have to drive an Automatic car instructor for the first time.
  • If we compare it with conventional vehicles, automatic ones only have two pedals, accelerating and braking, and we omit the clutch since it makes no sense in a vehicle in which it is not necessary to change gears .
  • It is important to keep in mind that, even though there are two pedals, it is essential to use the right foot to step on both the brake and the accelerator, keeping the left foot at complete rest while driving. And, of course, once you’re sitting in the pilot’s seat, take a few minutes to put the rearview mirrors in the right position so that the viewing angle is ideal. The same should be done with the seat.

How can I park an Automatic car instructor?

To park an automatic car you must take into account all the movements of the gear lever that we have previously indicated. Once you know by heart the function of each of the letters on the gear lever, you must follow the steps below to park an automatic car quickly and easily:

Put your car at the same height as the one in front of you. That is the one that will be in front of your parked vehicle.

  • Put the gear stick on the letter R. This function will make your automatic car go in reverse.
  • Turn the steering wheel until you make a full turn.
  • Press the accelerator until your mirror covers the taillight of the vehicle you were paralleling.
  • Straighten the steering wheel and go around it in the opposite direction.
  • Depending on the space in which you want to park, you must maneuver by positioning your gear lever on the letters R and D.
  • Frequently asked questions about automatic cars

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To go up a ramp with Automatic car lessons, you just have to put the stick in D, press the accelerator and go up the ramp. If you stop in the middle of the ramp you must put the gear lever of your automatic car in the letter N, which is the neutral point, and raise the handbrake. In this way, your automatic car will not move. If you want to restart and go up the ramp, put the gear stick on the letter D, release the parking brake and accelerate.

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What is better an Automatic car lesson or a manual car?

With regard to driving, an automatic car is easier, since it does not require a manual gear change and the driving methodology is much simpler. However, many people prefer manual gear shifting, so it cannot said that one model is better than another. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the type of vehicle with which you feel most comfortable when driving.

What consumes more an automatic car or a manual one?

An automatic driving instructors in Birmingham consumes less than a manual one since the gear change is done automatically, so consumption is much more stable than a car with a manual gear change. However, it all depends on the type of fuel used by the vehicle, since gasoline cars have a higher consumption than those that use diesel. They have higher consumption than those that use diesel.

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