How much time does a medical negligence claim take?

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The time required to settle the medical negligence case is dependent on various variables. The standard is between 12 and 18 months after the case is brought in court, however, the timeframe could be longer or shorter according to the extent of the case. For more complex claims the court may require an extended period of inquiry prior to the filing of the claim. You can get all these details from a criminal lawyer central coast.

What is medical negligence?

The term “medical negligence” is a form of negligence committed by a medical professional, such as nurses, doctors or pharmacist, and even the hospital. The term is used because the expertise of a healthcare professional is thought to be worthy of a higher quality of care than that of a member of the general population.

Examples of medical negligence could be:

  • There was no informed consent sought prior to providing treatment.
  • The inability to identify an illness.
  • The delay in diagnosing the presence of a medical issue.
  • There is no adequate warning about the risks of medical treatments.
  • Errors associated with prescriptions.

How can you prove that medical negligence was not the case?

The components that support medical negligence are comparable to normal negligence.

They include:

  • There was a duty of care between the medical professional and the the patient,
  • The obligation of care was violated through an act or by the omission or inaction of an act, or
  • In the event of a breach, harm was caused by the breach.

Duty of care claims in medical negligence lawsuits can typically be established by proving that a physician and patient relationship was in place. To establish that there was a breach and caused harm there was harm, you must prove an immediate connection to the other.

It is recommended that you collect all the relevant information prior to filing the claim. Documents your criminal compensation lawyers central coast can be able to use to support medical negligence claims are:

  • Record of appointments made.
  • Costs for medical treatment.
  • Medical reports and documents.
  • Statements from you as well as other witnesses.
  • Keep a journal of your daily consequences from your accident.
  • Medical experts’ statements.

Because of the high level of medical care that medical professionals must adhere to, the standard of proof is also very high. It is crucial to contact a criminal lawyer Gosford who specialises in medical negligence to provide the correct advice and assistance in assembling the necessary evidence including expert opinion. You might also come across no win no fee compensation lawyers Gosford during the process of finding the best lawyer for your case, but in that case make sure you review all the situations and also the competency of the criminal lawyer Gosford.

The most common mistakes when seeking medical negligence claims

Medical negligence is a complex subject and your claim might fail if appropriately handled. The most successful outcome occurs when the defendant is quick to admit the responsibility, as then the only thing left to do is for the case to be assessed.

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when submitting your claim:

  • The time frame                                                                                                             There are strict deadlines to file a claim for medical negligence. So, when you suspect you may have a case you should speak with a lawyer as early as you can. In some states in Australia the deadline for filing a claim is three years.
  • Not being ready for trial
    Many medical negligence claims are resolved outside of court, but there is always the possibility that your case will be heard in court, so it is essential to be ready for the possibility.
  • There is no evidence from an expert.
    In medical negligence cases Expert medical evidence is crucial and, in the absence of it, cases often are not successful. A legal expert in medical malpractice can help in assembling the evidence of medical experts.


If you believe that you might have a case to bring for medical negligence, it is best to first speak with a legal professional who specialises in medical malpractice. The more information you’re capable of providing the more convincing your claim is likely to be.

Note down the entire details of your claim. Include the names of those who were involved as well as the negligence. If you have medical records or reports regarding conditions you suffer from you should include them as well.

Gathering the evidence required takes time, therefore the earlier you begin the earlier. After you’ve provided the documents you have the lawyer will begin the process of collecting the evidence and also obtaining medical experts.

When everything is in order after that, a claim statement is filed. From there, the court proceedings will begin. The defendant’s experts evaluate the severity of your injuries and medical condition.

Based on the quantity of evidence presented and the defence’s response, medical negligence cases can take a while to resolve.

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