How Armourx Safety Glasses Protect Eyes with Full Capacity

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safety glasses are just as important as regular or prescription glasses. These glasses help to protect the eye in numerous different ways which contribute to a better environment for work. Hence, if you are looking for some great eye protection, the Armourx safety glasses are here. These come with the best protective elements which tie things together so that there is unique coordination with the style. And also the safety elements that it should provide. Hence, these glasses give out unique abilities to users in keeping their glasses firm and also situated in the right spot. 

By selecting these modes of glasses, you will surely love the output of these because they give a grand feel. All of the frames of ArmourX are compatible with various environments and working conditions as they meet the ANSI z87 safety glasses requirements. All of the frames also come in different styles so that the user can choose which one fits them the best. There is an array of different options which are available on SafetyEyeGlasses (SEG). They hold some desirable frames from this brand and they come in bold frames which are thick as well as ones that are thin but still offer high-end protection. 

The Different Collection Styles Available For Armourx Safety Glasses

There are plenty of styles which are available for the Armourx safety frames. These have been divided among the lines of basic frames, classic ones as well as futuristic ones. All of these and much more of the designs cover a great sense of protection for the eyes which is the main goal of the brand. Even if you are looking for day-to-day glasses, then these would be one of the best ones to consider. They give a cool sense of style to everyone who wears them and also a comfort fitting so that the user can wear these glasses for a longer period. Some examples are:

Armourx 7900

These glasses have a different aspect from the rest because they are considered to have a thin frame but, a protective one. Hence, the side arms of these glasses are thin and the design gives them a sporty and futuristic look. The front frame also covers the sides of the glasses and the lenses are big as well which covers a good proportion of the eyes so that it is protected. 

Armourx 6011

This frame is different and bulkier than the rest. Hence, the whole frame is thick and the side arms are constructed in a straighter way. The frame also includes rubber nose pads which give the user comfort as well. Hence, these glasses are more durable because of their bulky appearance and protection too. 

The Extra Features Given For Armourx Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription glasses come in different forms and you can also make safety glasses have prescription lenses. This is ideal for those who work in dangerous environments and have low vision. Hence, they have a great option of adding their prescription lenses rather than normal ones. So, that they can see properly and also have the utmost protection which will keep them away from harm. There are different prescription lenses that are also offered at SafetyEyeGlasses (SEG) and these include:

  • Single vision lenses- these are for those who either have vision loss of distant objects, farsightedness, or for near objects which is nearsightedness. 
  • Bifocal lenses- these lenses have 2 different ranges of vision and they have a line that distinguishes the. For example, the bottom one can be for nearsightedness and the top part of the lens can be for farsightedness. 
  • Trifocal lenses- these lenses are the same as bifocal but they are categorized into 3 different views. 
  • Progressive lenses- these lenses are multifocal lenses and they do not have a line that distinguishes the different views on the lenses. Hence, it has a transition way of viewing things.

The Materials Used For Manufacturing Armourx Frames 

The materials used in making these frames are durable and one of a kind. The Armourx glasses fit all of the needs of ANSI safety requirements which is why you will be getting frames that are durable, strong, and long-lasting. These frames have every quality and feature built-in which serves the interest of the people in all working conditions. Hence, you will surely love a pair of these glasses due to their overall appearance, protection, and strength.

You can wear these glasses outside at any moment because they are manufactured to display the latest trend. Hence, strong plastic, metal, and other materials are used for the manufacturing of these glasses.

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