GAN Cube – Types of Customization

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GAN Cube is a high-end speedcube brand that releases innovative 3×3 puzzles with never-before-seen features. The brand is renowned for its meticulous design and is endorsed by some of the best speedcubers in the world.

The GES system allows you to adjust the tension of your cube uniformly and precisely. This can be useful for finding the perfect balance between speed and stability.


One of the most basic types of customization is the choice of color. Stickers are available in a range of colors, and the plastic itself can be finished with things like extra grip or scratch resistant. Depending on the model of cube, there are also a number of other customization options.

These include the GES nuts, which have different levels of elasticity and are colour coded. Each of these can have a different effect on speed and stability.

Cubes optimized for speed have very little friction between layers, which allows for ultra fast algorithms. They are also quite dry feeling and can be uncontrollable at first for beginners.

GAN Cube is a company known for its innovative 3×3 designs. Its products have set multiple world and continental records and are endorsed by top professional speedcubers, including Feliks Zemdegs. Many of its models are loaded with creative, never-seen features like the GES nut system and interchangeable magnet rods.


GAN Cube is known for a premium feel that comes with its cubes. Their cubes also feature a unique elasticity capability that differs from most other speedcubes. This elasticity can be adjusted using their GES system, which is comprised of a coloured nut and a precision spring. This enables users to adjust the elasticity of their puzzles to suit their preferences.

This elasticity adjustment allows for more precise setting of the spring tension, which in turn affects how easy it is to rotate the individual cube pieces. This makes it much easier to work with the cubes and reduces friction.

This elasticity system is currently only available on GAN’s 3×3 cubes, but the company has announced that it will be expanding to non-NxN puzzles in the future. These will include their Megaminx, Pyraminx and 2×2 puzzles. These new non-NxN puzzles will feature a similar GES system that uses different spring strengths encased in nuts to produce different stability levels.


GAN is a brand that is known for their meticulous and innovative 3×3 cube designs. They are often loaded with creative, never-seen features like the GES nut system, interchangeable magnet rods and spring tensions that can be set consistently by hand. Their puzzles have helped set numerous world and continental records and are endorsed by some of the best professional speedcubers in history.

Their latest release is the Gan 11 M Pro, a high end 3×3 that offers exceptional performance and premium feel. It’s fast, stable and has great corner cutting with no pops or twists. It also features a smooth turning movement with a muffled, almost buttery noise to it.

The QiYi MS is another excellent budget speed cube that’s fast, stable and has excellent corner cutting. Its a bit blocky and can feel cheap but it is very fast with no popping or twisting and the cube can be tightened in a wide range without damage to its internal mechanisms.


GAN cubes are known for their innovative designs. The GES system (GAN Elasticity System) allows the springs on their speed cubes to be adjusted much more precisely than other manufacturers, which gives them a much more consistent feel and can result in significant improvements in performance.

The Gan 11 M Pro, for example, is a highly popular 3×3 from the brand, setting countless world and continental records and being endorsed by many top professional cubers including Feliks Zemdegs. It has a very smooth, premium feeling to it and is able to solve algorithms very fast with no pops or corner twists.

GAN cubes also have a very durable design, meaning they are less prone to damage and can be used for long competitions or even multiple hours of practice each day without breaking. This durability is especially important for competitive cubers, who can use their puzzles for a very long time. This also makes them great to use as a gift for any cuber, no matter what level they are at.


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