Effortless Coordination: Apartment Furniture Sets for Easy Decorating

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Furnishing an apartment is a huge financial commitment. If you’re going to splurge on items you can’t easily take with you, make sure they’ll be worth it by opting for stylish pieces that do double duty.

Lucy is a serial renter who’s moved apartments 11 times, so she knows how important it is to choose apartment furniture that will work in her future homes. That’s why she turned to Furnishr for a fully furnished apartment package. Visit for fully furnished apartment furniture set.


Sofas come in different styles, fabrics, and configurations to fit many spaces. Options include track-arm sofas (like the one designer Zoe Feldman used in this cozy living room) and modular couches that offer movable chaises or ottomans. Some sectionals even have recliners built into opposite ends of the couch for extra comfort.

Loveseat sofas have just enough room for two people and add a classic touch to any space. Designed for cuddling, this style of couch works well with a large area rug to create an inviting conversation grouping.


Ottomans add a touch of luxury to your living room. Essentially low, upholstered stools or seats, ottomans can double as coffee tables and footrests and work well with nearly any color scheme.

Typically padded and upholstered, ottomans often have a hollow center that can serve as storage for blankets, pillows, games or books. Round ottomans pair particularly well with modern sectionals due to their rounded corners.

Ottomans can also complement transitional layouts by adding a splash of vibrant color. Choose from shades like scarlet or dark burgundy velvet to warm up a cooler palette.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables work well in most decorating styles and pair nicely with sectional couches and modular sectionals. If you have plenty of floor space, opt for an oversized table to serve as the focal point of the room.

If you’re tight on surface real estate, consider a smaller coffee table that allows you to showcase decor items without taking up too much room. For example, the designer of this living room set layered a stack of books on one side with a decor-filled tray on the other to create balanced symmetry.

Side Tables

Though they share a similar name, side tables and end tables serve different purposes. Generally, end tables are shorter and have less tabletop surface. and they are positioned near the ends of sofas or chairs.

They are usually a few inches lower in height than the arm of the sofa or chair to allow you to reach items without straining.

They are also great for displaying your favorite books or antique collection. Some even come with storage features like shelves or drawers. And some, like this slick modern design, can be used as a lamp base too.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a simple way to light a room and add style. Modern styles often include a USB port that lets you charge your phone while the lamp shines.

Many people choose a lamp with a rectangular shade for its sharp, clean lines and geometric appeal. Other options are oval or eye-shaped lampshades.

Some table lamps are crafted from wood, including real maple or walnut and engineered hardwoods like MDF, particleboard or plywood. Others are made from plastic, which can be dyed in bold colors or molded into fun shapes.


A rug can do more than just anchor a room, it can define a space, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor. When furnishing an apartment, rugs are an easy way to make a rental feel more like home. While you can go for standard rectangle rugs, you should also consider experimenting with more unique shapes to add visual interest and a more tailored look. For the best results, look for rugs that accentuate and complement your furniture pieces to tie your apartment style together. Also, choose colors that evoke a sense of calm and coziness to instantly elevate your rental.

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