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Clash Royale MOD APK is a famous fighting game that is widely played around the globe with many downloads...
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Clash Royale MOD APK is a famous fighting game that is widely played around the globe with many downloads in the Google Play Store. It is developed after Clash of Clans MOD APK but has a different gameplay than the games which are developed before it. As a player, you will build your empire by fighting with the enemy and using different resources. You can also expand your empire with time. Prepare a trained and skillful army to make your defense strong so that none of the enemies can hurt you. You will also fight against the kings and queens of the other cities, and after winning the battle against them, their all areas will fall under your rule.


Some events are also held in the game, which is a great source of training for your army and people. After participating in the event, they can fight better against the enemy in the expected war. Players will also get some prizes after winning these events, which are like a catalyst for your soldiers. It is your duty to provide the latest weapon to the army for better performance in wars and battles. You will get all these things free of cost in this mod version.

Some Amazing Features of Clash Royale Mod Apk

Free of Cost

The major issue that gamers have in the version of Google Play Store is the wastage of money. They demand money for every movement. So, the user is fed up and gives up the game. Now, in this mod, this problem is solved, and you can use each and everything without any cost.

3D Graphics

The graphics of the game are also user-oriented and engaging. Once you enter the game, you will continue to play and not think of leaving early. This is all due to the stunning graphics of the game.


Free to Download

Clash Royale MOD APK is not premium stuff. It is totally free to download. But its downloading will take some time due to its memory.

Duel Players

Many fighting games do not have the option of playing the duel players at the same time. But here in this game, two players can play and fight at the same time, and the other person can be in any corner of the world.

Other Small Games

There are also many other small games along with the official game. These games are a big source of practice for you and your army as well. You will also get precious rewards after winning these games. Moreover, access to these games is totally free and will not charge a penny from you.

Expand Your Dynasty

You can participate in different games to expand your rule and dynasty. You can challenge any king or queen and fight with them. So, after winning the battle, take charge of their areas as well and move on.


Compatible with Every Device

Most of the time, it is seen that some games are developed only for android or IOS but not for both. But in this case, both android and IOS users can play this game on their systems without facing any issues.

Safe to Play

Clash Royale MOD APK is a totally safe game to play. You are not in a security threat while installing or playing it. There is also not any threat of malware or viruses.

Unlimited Gold and Gems

You will need gold and gems for completing many tasks while playing. There are also many other unlocked features that can only be open if you have a lot of money and gold. Many players give up due to the unavailability of money. So, in this game, you will get everything unlimited and can enjoy the game with more excitement.

Team Up With Friends

For many battles, you will need the help of your friends because sometimes it is difficult to manage all things on its own. To counter this issue, you must make the team with friends and should fight with full of your force and strategy. This way, you can play, perform very well against the enemy and win the war easily. So, you can say that this game is also a good source to connect you with your close friends.


Gameplay of Clash Royale Apk

In Clash Royale MOD APK, every player has three defensive towers and monitor every movement of the enemy. There is a special insight range of these towers, and if the player notices the mysterious movement of opposite soldiers, he will attack them and save his clan. The match will only end when the opposing forces are totally destroyed, and you gain control of all the belongings of the enemy like towers, weapons, and money.

The gameplay of this game is almost like Clash of Clans. In both games, you are always in a struggle to expand your area of rule and fight with other clans. You also need to prepare your people to counter any threat from the external forces. For this, different cards are distributed among the soldiers. Each card has different functionality like attack time, distance, and blood.

Clash Royale MOD APK has two different modes for playing. In the first mode, you have the option to play one-to-one with the other players. On the other hand, in the second mode, you can play with various players at the same time. This way, you can connect yourself with various friends and can spend your time full of excitement.


I personally play Clash Royale MOD APK and find it very useful for me in my spare time. This game taught me how to manage many things in a very short time. The quality of sound is also much better than the other games. I’m sure that once you install and play the game, you will never think of uninstalling it. I also recommend this game to my friends, and we play it whenever we find some free time, especially on the weekend. There are also many features in this mod version that will increase your excitement with every moment. So, just download it and explore the new world.



Is this is possible to Clash Royale App on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on PC as well as on the tablet too.

Do I need money to play this game?

No, there is no need for a single penny to play this game. Each and everything will be available without any cost.

Is this game is safe to install for my PC?

I personally played this game and did not find any harmful things for my PC and other information. So, you can download and play it without any fear.



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