Choosing a Solar Power System Manufacturer

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When selecting a solar power system manufacturer, it is vitally important that they provide both a manufacturer’s warranty and performance guarantee of 25 years – this protects both your investment and future returns. The top manufacturers typically offer these guarantees.

We compiled this ranking to assist consumers in making smarter solar decisions for their home or business. This list features well-established brands with years of experience in the solar industry.

LONGi Solar

Since 2000, LONGi Solar has been an innovative leader in producing monocrystalline high-efficiency solar modules for spacecraft powering missions to remote corners of Earth or powering homes and businesses alike. Additionally to producing their own PV products they also manufacture wafers for well-known brands.

These companies specialize in monocrystalline PERC technology to produce more efficient solar cells and panels, unlike polycrystalline which utilizes multiple crystals of silicon for production. Furthermore, mono-crystalline PERC solar cells and panels tend to be more cost effective and energy efficient compared to polycrystalline alternatives.

Longi offers both a 12 year product and 25-year performance guarantee that is significantly above industry norms of 75-80% after 25 years. They also have an office in Australia to assist in warranty claims and support services.

Tongwei Solar

Following my blog on PV module pricing and industry supply chains, this post explores why Tongwei Solar may become one of the first leading global module suppliers by 2025. As its parent company makes polysilicon ingots and wafers as well as cells and modules directly.

Prosun currently boasts a cell production capacity of 70 GW at the end of 2022 and plans on increasing it to 102 GW by 2023 and 130-150 GW between 2024-2026. Tongwei solar modules boast front side cell efficiency rates up to 25.5% when using PECVD solar cells on 210mm panels. Prosun takes an educational promotional angle to give buyers true facts that allow for informed decisions!

Trina Solar

Trina Solar earned their Tier 1 standing with Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s bankability rating system for providing quality solar panels at great value, along with outstanding performance. Their reputation is further bolstered by advances in PV cell technology which reduce costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency, power ratings and durability.

Trina’s popular Honey range (pictured above) has now been upgraded with the more efficient Vertex series, offering the ideal balance of cost-effectiveness and modern cell technology. Their TallMax and DuoMax bifacial models deliver even greater efficiency backed by 30-year warranties.

Trina’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices makes solar manufacturing less resource-intensive, with electricity and water consumption reduced per unit of product by over 60% compared with industry norms, leading to decreased carbon emissions as well as enhanced profitability. Furthermore, Trina offers dual Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) certification.


JinkoSolar stands out among solar panel manufacturers as one of the fastest-growing, with revenue growth surpassing that of competitors First Solar and Canadian Solar. Furthermore, its trading price stands out as being attractive compared to those of its peers making JinkoSolar an appealing investment choice.

Low failure rates at the company can be attributed to rigorous quality control and inspection measures, including extensive UL testing as well as its own R&D test center, designed to guarantee all materials meet industry standards. Their solar panels boast some of the highest efficiency records and score highly on PVEL reports.

Jinko offers comprehensive product and performance warranties; though these can differ depending on which installer installs its products. Furthermore, it conducts thorough due diligence on its material suppliers; Jinko’s Xinjiang plant has come under scrutiny due to allegations of forced labor but Jinko still has other plants capable of serving North American markets should restrictions occur there.


SunPower has long been recognized for their quality solar panel production, receiving an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and receiving top ratings in customer reviews online. They offer flexible financing solutions such as full purchase, PPA leases or solar leases for their products.

M-Series panels from Solarwatt use an exclusive manufacturing technique to maximize energy absorption, which accounts for their industry-leading performance specifications. Furthermore, unlike many other manufacturers they back their products with an unprecedented 25-year warranty.

SunPower’s expansive network of Master Dealers offer installation services. They can provide free estimates on costs and projected energy savings over 25 years for your home, help secure city permits and building approvals, enroll the system in net metering programs as applicable and more.

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