Benefits of Using 4ft LED Linear High Bay

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LED high bays are a popular lighting choice for warehouses and other commercial areas that need bright, even light. They are up to 70% more energy efficient than traditional forms such as metal halide and are designed to last longer.

This 300W linear high bay provides 40,500 lumens of light with a selectable CCT and 0-10V dimming capability. It also has a 50,000 hour lifespan.


Linear high bay lights are a great way to illuminate big indoor spaces with higher ceilings, typically 20 to 45 feet off the ground. They are rectangular in shape, cast light in a linear pattern and can be surface mounted or hung from chains.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of using LED high bay lights is that they are highly energy efficient. They use less power than traditional lighting styles and can save facilities up to 70% on their electric bills.

This 4ft led linear high bay is a great choice for warehouses, manufacturing plants, gyms and other areas with high ceilings. This 300W LED fixture has a 120-277V LED driver and can be dimmed via a 0-10V dimmer.

Color Temperature Options

LED high bay lighting is a fantastic way to upgrade your warehouse or other industrial space. It is energy efficient, has a great color rendering and long life.

Depending on the type of fixture you choose, there are several different color temperature options to choose from. For example, a cool white 4000K or 5000K LED high bay light is ideal for your shop, warehouse or retail store.

The best way to find out which LED high bay is right for you is to contact one of our sales associates and let them help you with your lighting needs. They will answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of your budget. You can also take advantage of utility rebates for a low upfront cost and a better ROI on your investment.


These high bay LED lighting fixtures are ideal for illuminating warehouses, godowns, commercial establishments, and other large spaces. They are energy efficient and durable, so you can use them for many years.

Moreover, they offer great visibility and safety for employees. They are also an excellent replacement for metal halide or fluorescent lights.

These linear fixtures come in a variety of wattages, voltages, lumen packages and color temperatures to match your needs. They also come with a variety of options for dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting to help you save energy and money while providing great light in your facility.


Featuring a high light output for a low profile fixture, the 4ft led linear high bay is perfect for warehouses and other industrial facilities. This LED lighting solution has a 7 Year warranty, and is backed by WareLight’s reputation for quality and service.

A great replacement for a 10-tube fluorescent T8 or 400W HID high bay, this compact model uses 40% less energy to give you the illumination you need without breaking your budget. It’s a DLC Premium product, which means you could be eligible for rebates from your utility company and other government incentive programs across the country.

Available in a variety of wattages, voltages, lumen outputs and color temperatures, these LED linear high bay lights are perfect for warehouses, gyms, retail stores and other large indoor spaces. They also have some of the most impressive features, including a 3 step dimming motion sensor and a 360deg 3D lens for wide coverage. The best part is they are also a lot cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional high bay lighting.

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