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Angel figurines add an air of sophistication to any room in your home, from shelves and cabinets to Christmas trees and ornaments.

These exquisite angels, handcrafted of stone resin, feature exquisite facial features and are exquisitely decorated. Furthermore, each gown displays scrolled writing that adds an artistic flourish.

Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear, an esteemed painter renowned for his illustrations for magazines, postage stamps, and collector’s plates, has created several lines of figurines including Ebony Visions collection featuring figurines that humanize African Americans.

His art has helped him overcome depression and other personal hardships, by combining his talent for painting with his faith in God. His paintings often depict Christ or other religious figures.

His angel figurines are expertly hand-crafted from collector-quality artist’s resin. Carefully hand painted with stunning, fully sculpted wings and featuring stunning floral patterns, golden highlights and subtle stylistic colors; as well as comforting words from Scripture for added comfort, these angel figurines can make great displays in your home or inspirational gifts; some feature scrolled messages along their gown hemlines! His figurines offer an adorable way to show how much someone means to you with family angels, Christmas angels or Irish-themed remembrance angels all available options.

Karen Hahn

Karen Hahn’s Foundations collection conveys inspirational themes through elegant angel figurines, each exquisitely crafted and carefully chosen for its message. Designs feature elegant gowns with special meanings; while some also include scrolled text. Many statues in this collection lack facial features yet still capture your mind with head tilts or placement of hands.

Light of Hearts Villa’s figurines are displayed throughout hutches and curio cabinets throughout its premises, but the largest group can be found near its entrance. It attracts first-time visitors such as deliverymen, job interviewees, relatives of residents or delivery personnel delivering packages or job applicants – and has even garnered worldwide coverage, with articles appearing in Crux magazine covering everything Catholic worldwide.

Sister Helen Scasny stood gazingd upon the wall of glass-encased cases lining the entrance to Light of Hearts Villa, an Ohio senior care facility. Nearly 900 angels of various shapes, sizes and materials adorning nearly each case – some had even been donated by people connected to Light of Hearts Villa directly.

Jim Shore

This popular collectible figurine line was founded by a self-taught South Carolina artist who was inspired by his rural background to craft beautiful porcelain angels with intricate patterns for everyday life. At Black Art Depot you’ll find an extensive range of these enchanting ornaments designed to bring beauty and spirituality into any home!

Many people enjoy collecting angel figurines for different reasons. Some do it to remember loved ones who have passed, while others use them to decorate their home or make great gifts. Their value typically depends on condition and age of figurine; an older figurine often brings more in value than its contemporary counterparts. Other collectors enjoy collecting newborn angels that make great baby shower gifts; Christmas angels or sympathy and bereavement angels make good Christmas presents when someone has suffered loss.

Blossom Bucket

If you’re shopping for an angel figurine for yourself or a loved one, take a look at Blossom Bucket. Established in 1990, this company is well known for providing unique products that commemorate life’s special moments and milestones, working closely with exclusive designers to craft keepsakes that display sentiments such as love, joy, kindness, encouragement or appreciation.

Find collectible angels of various types, sizes and styles at various price points. Some feature messages while others are made of glass or porcelain; you’ll even find Christmas ornaments featuring these angels or in other forms such as Keith Mallet’s blue willow sister angels or Black Art Depot figurines!

Make this resin angel the center of attention in any home or as the perfect present for someone special in your life, reminding them how precious friendship and family members are in life’s journey.

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