400w LED High Mast Light – Save Money and Energy

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The 400w led high mast light is a perfect replacement for large area lighting applications such as airports, ports and heavy flood light. It is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly and long-lasting solution.

Polaris LED High Mast Light 150W is a unique lighting fixture from our advanced manufacturing facility with 130-140 Lumens per Watt system efficacy powered by Lumileds SMD3030 to provide unmatched light output for very large area lighting.

High Lumen Output

The 400w led high mast light puts out a significant amount of lumens, which is important when lighting large areas. These lights are ideal for roadways, airport aprons, port facilities, trailer/container yards, and sports fields.

They can also be used in parking lots and outdoor areas where glare is an issue. In addition, they are energy-efficient and require less maintenance than traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium lights.

These lights feature convective cooling for maximum efficiency and a long lifespan (L70 100,000 hours). This design allows the unit to maintain its light output at a steady level without overheating, which helps prolong its life and decreases maintenance costs.

These lights are IP67 rated, meaning they can withstand extreme temperature changes from -40°C to 80°C, and are waterproof. They are also resistant to ingress of dust, dirt and humidity, making them a great choice for applications that face a variety of environmental conditions.

Wide Beam Angle

When it comes to lighting, a beam angle is an important factor to consider. A wide beam angle means that the light emitted will spread across a large area.

A narrow beam angle on the other hand means that only a small area will be illuminated. This can cause glare, discoloration and poor visibility.

Whether you are in the process of selecting lighting fixtures for your commercial space or you are just in the market for a new LED high mast light, it is important to understand what the different beam angles mean.

A wide beam angle is the most effective way to light a larger area. It is especially useful for parking lots, airports, seaports and other large outdoor spaces.

Low Power Consumption

When compared to traditional HID high mast lighting fixtures, a 400w led high mast light offers significant energy savings. Unlike HPS lights that require relamping on a 3-4 year schedule, the life of LED high mast lighting is rated for more than 10 years and can reduce your costs by 50% or more.

These lights are ideal for roadways, freeways, airport aprons, parking structures, port facilities, sports fields and more with tall pole heights. This versatile system also features high efficacy and a 10-year limited warranty to relieve your crews from endless and labor-intensive relamping cycles.

The high power LED packages are fabricated on thermally efficient MCPCBs and feature robust interconnects with creep resistant solder joints. These elements combine with a modular heat sink to deliver optimal thermal management for consistent optical performance during the product’s rated life. This is supported by an incredibly durable aluminum luminaire housing that provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Long Lifespan

Compared to standard high mast lighting that uses metal halide bulbs, LED lights have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours. This makes them much more cost-effective to operate.

In addition, a high-quality LED high mast light doesn’t need to be serviced nearly as frequently. This is a great advantage for customers because it eliminates the need for expensive maintenance costs and replacement parts.

Our 400w led high mast light features a modular design with multiple LED chips. Each module is independent and won’t lose power if any of the LED chips are failed.

These lights are ideal for outdoor stadium lighting, high mast poles, warehouses, roadways and sports fields, to name a few. They’re also ideal for industrial sites that require high intensity and long-lasting illumination.

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