What are Causes of IUI failure? know by Best IVF Centre in Delhi

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Infertility cases are increasing rapidly and the main reasons for this are stress, unhealthy lifestyle and drug abuse. Infertility is treated in a number of ways, and there are many high-tech fertility treatments available to treat infertility. But according to the best IVF centre in delhi, IUI is considered the best fertility treatment for couples who are facing infertility issues. 

The full form of IUI is Intrauterine insemination. It is nothing less than a boon for women and men suffering from infertility. With the help of this modern and advanced fertility treatment, couples suffering from infertility can get the happiness of a child. 

This procedure is usually used for blockage in the fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids or poor quality of the male sperm. Many women do not get pregnant in the first IUI cycle. This is normal. But with the repetition of the IUI cycle, the conceive rate also increases. In such a situation, if the IUI treatment of a woman fails again and again, then it is a matter of concern. 

There can be many reasons for the failure of the IUI procedure, including poor lifestyle, etc. Let us know these reasons in detail by the IVF Centre

Causes of IUI Failure

Poor Egg Quality

Low quality eggs may have chromosomal abnormalities. Due to this, the eggs are not able to divide after being fertilized and pregnancy does not happen. In such a situation, IVF Centre in Delhi can recommend IVF treatment if required. 


After the age of 40, the success rate of IUI is almost non-existent. If the quality of eggs is right and the quality is also good, then women up to the age of 35 can easily become pregnant through IUI. The chances of IUI being successful gradually decrease with age after 35 years. 

Smoking and Drugs

Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs during IUI treatment lowers the chances of conception. Infertility has become a common problem. The number of people suffering from this is continuously increasing. The main causes of infertility include stress and smoking.

During the IUI treatment, the doctor explains in detail what you need to take care of. The chances of success of IUI treatment can be increased by following the guidelines given by the IVF centre.

Poor sperm quality

In order to fertilize the egg, the quantity, mobility, shape etc. of the sperm must have good qualities. If the quality of the man’s sperm is deficient, the sperm will fail to fertilize the egg. In such a situation, IVF Centre in Delhi recommends opting for IVF procedure for treatment. 

Process delay

During ovulation time, the sperm stays in the fallopian tubes for 12 to 24 hours. After this stipulated time, the egg will break and come out of the vaginal tract with bleeding. If the egg does not meet the sperm at the right time, then the failure of the IUI treatment is certain. To avoid this, you must reach the fertility clinic at the time prescribed by the doctor and have accurate knowledge of your ovulation. 

Progesterone deficiency

Progesterone hormone has a huge role in pregnancy. This hormone makes the lining of the uterus and the uterus adapted for embryo formation. When this hormone is low, not only IVF but also IUI treatment fails. To overcome the lack of progesterone, the doctor may recommend the use of hormonal injections and supplements. 


If you are doing your IUI treatment, then you should know all the above mentioned reasons for IUI failure. So that your IUI treatment can be successful, if your IUI fails due to any reason, then you should choose IVF treatment technique. Along with this, if you have spent a lot of money in IUI treatment, then you should fix your financial condition for IVF, for which you can know the IVF cost in Delhi.

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