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If you are interested in tabletop games, you are at the right place, and Carrom Pool Mod Apk is only developed for you...
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What is Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

If you are interested in tabletop games, you are at the right place, and Carrom Pool Mod Apk is only developed for you. This game was developed by “Miniclip” back on 12 November 2018. Carrom Pool is very popular around the globe due to its easy gameplay. So far, it has 100,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play Store. From these stats, you can take the idea of how much this is liked in the world.

It has different variants around the world. Some famous variants are Bob, Pitchnut, and Crokinole. Every person can play this game irrespective of their gender. This game is also a source to connect you with your close friends. At a time, four players can play in this game, and the winner will be who got a higher score than the others. Your opponents can be from all around the world. It has too many features to make your time more entertaining. You will get all the features like money and the required equipment unlocked in this game.


We are providing you with the latest edition of Carrom Pool. The version which you provided on Google Play Store has fewer features. So this mod version is developed according to the requirements of users. We always try to provide ad-free and easy to play games to our users. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this game is its amazing graphics. While playing this game, you will feel that you are playing physically but not virtually. You can also control every function very easily. You will also be provided with different gameplays here. So you can play any of them according to your taste.

How to Play and Rules of Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

As it is told to you earlier, Carrom Pool is a tabletop game, and its base is flat. There are pieces used in this game like Queen, Striker, and Carrom Men discs and four corners in each carrom pool with four pockets where we put our pieces. On the other hand there will be two types of pieces other than striker and queen. One is mostly taken as red, and the other is taken as white. Most of the time, the pieces we use in the game are made of marbles. These can also be made of plastic and wood.

At the start, players select their pieces and try to put their pieces and queen earlier than their opponents. If you pot your opponent’s piece in the pocket, then some points will be deducted from your total points. So always remain careful and pot only your pieces in the pockets. The winner in the game will be the only one who puts all his pieces before his opponent.

A maximum of four players can play this game at a time. These four players can play individually and in the form of a team. It is better to play in the form of a team while you are playing with more than two players. The game rules will be the same as I mentioned in the last paragraph.

Comparison Between Carrom Pool and Billiard

There is not so much difference between them. Both games have almost the same rules and are tabletop games. If there are four pockets in Carrom Pool, there are six pockets in billiards. Both of the games can be played multiplayer. There is a white ball in billiards compared to a striker in Carrom Pool. Billiards are in a rectangle form, and Carrom Pool is square. Billiards are widely played in the world. So if you are good at billiards, then it will be very easy for you to play carrom pool and there is also the possibility that you will learn all its rules very soon.

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Some Key Features of Carrom Pool Mod Apk

1) Unlimited Gems and Coins

In this mod version, you will get unlimited money and gems without using any credit card. You got coins and gems on the win of every game. So, while you lose any game, your coins are also lost. So, by using this mod version, you can get extra coins. Whenever you start your game in the morning, your account will be flooded with hundreds of coins. Many locked features in the game can only be accessed by using this mod version. So, download the game and enjoy all the locked features.


2) Ad Free

Mostly, it is observed that the users of Carrom Pool are very disturbed due to unlimited ads after every game. So, developers find the solution and present this version. Just download it instantly and enjoy the game, which is ad-free.

3) Play with Friends

Most of the time, it is impossible for you to play with all your close friends physically. So, this problem has been solved, and now you can play with your friends if they are online. There are options to play one-on-one action and multiplayer action. So, this game is also a source of connecting you with your friends. You can also play with your Facebook friends by inviting them, and you can get help from these friends when you are short of coins.

4) Play Offline

Sometimes, when you do not have access to the internet, there is no need to worry. You can play this game even if you are offline. In this case, one player will be you, and the other will be a computer. It will give you a tough time and feel that you are playing with a real person.

5) Availability of Many Strikers and Pucks

Strikers and pucks are very important elements in this game. You can access different strikers and pucks to make your game more enjoyable. Interestingly, there is no need for money to buy all these elements. You will be provided with all these elements free of cost on the Carrom Pool Mod Apk.


List of Some More Mod Features.

Play with top players

Win big prizes daily

Access to new tables

Availability of many strikers with lots of functions like power, aim, and time

Play in many modes

Access to all chest

Customize all your pieces

It can be played on almost all devices


Three Modes of Carrom Pool Mod Apk

You can play this game in three different modes according to your taste. Those three modes are listed below:

1) Play Carrom

This Mode is most similar to Play Disc Pool with very small changes. In this Mode, we must pot all red pieces, then move to the queen and win the game.

2) Play Disc Pool

Carrom Pool Mod Apk is played worldwide, such as in Dehli, London, New York, etc. Players also bet some amount in this Mode, and the player who will win gets all the amount single-handedly.

3) Practice Mode

Whenever you want to need some practice, you choose this Mode. There will be no fear of losing the game and coins when you play this Mode.



There is no need for any special specification for your device to play this game.

It can be played on any device due to its small size, only 46MB.

Can be run on a mobile phone with only 512MB RAM.

It can be a play on android, IOS, Windows 10, and many other devices.

If you are an Android user, it can be played only when your device has version 4.4 or up.


I have personally played Carrom Pool Mod Apk for many years and never felt bored while playing the game. The gameplay of this game is very easy to compare to other shooting games. So there is no need for prior knowledge to play Carrom Pool. So download the game from the link given below to make your day.



1) Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play this game when you are offline. The computer will play the game with you like a real man in this situation.

2) Is this mode version free to play?

Yes, this mod version of Carrom Pool is free to play, and you will also get a lot of money according to your will.

3) Is this game safe for children?

The game’s content is safe for children, and the game’s graphics are also attractive to the children.



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